What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes: The saying “what goes around comes around” teaches that our actions will have consequences that will eventually return to us, for better or worse. This karmic principle can provide guidance, inspiration, and motivation as we seek to live more purposeful lives. Here are 300+ thoughtful quotes about what goes around comes around in relationships, life, and more.

What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes

  1. “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” – Wayne Dyer
  2. Karma has a surprising way of taking care of situations. All you have to do is sit back and watch.”
  3. “Chickens come home to roost. What you send out always comes back to you.”
  4. “Don’t waste time planning revenge. Your success is the best revenge.”
  5. “Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Treat people right and they will do the same.”
  6. “Be careful how you treat people. Your actions always come back to haunt you.”
  7. “The seeds we sow today determine the harvest we reap tomorrow. Choose wisely.”
  8. “Our deeds, good and bad, follow us forever like shadows.”
  9. “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction…including karma.”
  10. “When you point one finger at someone, three fingers point back at you. Remember that.”
  11. “Karma is like gravity – what goes up must come down eventually.”
  12. “We cannot control the evil tongues of others; but a good life enables us to disregard them.” – Cato the Elder
  13. “When you do bad things, bad things happen to you. It’s like physics, except with justice.”
  14. “What goes into the mind comes out in a life. What goes into a life comes out in character.” – Oral Roberts
  15. “You are free to choose, but you are not free from the consequence of your choice.”
  16. “Karma follows you everywhere. The only way to escape karma’s grasp is to go into the present moment.”
  17. “Life doesn’t always give you what you think you deserve, but it eventually gives you what you ask for.”
  18. “Be the reason someone believes in the good in people.”
  19. “Chose to become educated, compassionate, and empathetic – not judgemental.”
  20. “Even a small good deed may gain high rewards.”
  21. “You always get rewarded for doing the right thing, even if it takes a while.”
  22. “What goes around really does come around – especially if you keep focusing on it.”
  23. “Karma has no deadline. A seed planted now may take years to germinate.”
  24. “Don’t spend time beating on a wall hoping to transform it into a door. Karma.”
  25. “People pay for their sins sooner or later. It’s karma.”
  26. “No bad deed goes unpunished. The universe will balance all unfairness.”
  27. “When karma comes back to punch you in the face, I want to be there in case it needs help.”
  28. “Karma comes after everyone eventually. You can’t get away with screwing people over for long.”
  29. “You’re not going to get away with it. Your karma will catch up with you eventually.”
  30. “Never underestimate the power of karma.”
  31. “Karma is best served…eventually.”
  32. “Karma has no deadline. You’re never going to get away with being unkind.”
  33. “Don’t start wars you can’t win. Karma has a 100% success rate.”
  34. “Eventually, those who win by cheating will lose by karma.”
  35. “Karma works in strange ways. Those who crossed you will get what they deserve.”
  36. “No bad deed goes unpunished. Karma will get you.”
  37. “Karma always crosses crooked paths with those who don’t walk straight.”
  38. “What goes around tends to come all the way back around.”
  39. “Karma will get you even if the cops don’t.”
  40. “Eventually, karma will serve you.”
  41. “Karma doesn’t have an expiration date.”
  42. “I’m a true believer in karma – you get what you give, whether that’s bad or good.” – Sandra Bullock
  43. “Karma happens. Scary, but true. Payback is often quiet, but always happens.”
  44. “Don’t worry when others do you wrong. Karma will deal with them her own way.”
  45. “No one escapes karma. It’s always lurking, waiting for the right moment to strike.”
  46. “When karma comes to claim its debt, you can’t file for spiritual bankruptcy.”
  47. “Karma can be a real witch sometimes. Keep doing the right thing.”
  48. “Karma always gets the last laugh, so be very careful how you live and treat others.”
  49. “Don’t try to rush karma. It arrives precisely when intended.”
  50. “Karma works. Believe it or not.”
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“Karma works. Believe it or not.”What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes Relationships

  1. “How you treat people in life is how you will be treated.”
  2. “Relationships are give and take. Make sure you do as much giving as taking.”
  3. “Treat your partner how you want to be treated. The energy always comes back.”
  4. “If your actions don’t reflect your words, it always comes back to burn the relationship.”
  5. Love generously, care gently, speak kindly, leave the rest to karma.”
  6. “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou
  7. “When you bring goodness to your relationships, you receive goodness in return.”
  8. “In true relationships, karma balances everything.”
  9. “Good energy attracts good energy in relationships. Remember to radiate positivity.”
  10. “If you want more love in your life, give more love to those around you.”
  11. “A relationship’s success depends on the karma that both people bring to it.”
  12. “Treat your partner like a queen and you shall be treated like a king.”
  13. “Never take your loved ones for granted. One day the opportunity may not be there.”
  14. “Always be the reason your partner smiles. Positive energy breeds more positivity.”
  15. “A healthy relationship is built on understanding, compassion, and fairness. Express these.”
  16. “When you make your partner feel special, the universe makes you feel special too.”
  17. “Never cheat in a relationship if you want it to last. Karma always finds out.”
  18. “You get the kindness you give in a relationship. Make deposits in your love bank.”
  19. “Always support your partner’s dreams. One day they will support yours too.”
  20. “When you treat your partner right, the universe treats you right back.”
  21. “If you don’t prioritize your relationship, the universe won’t either.”
  22. “Always make your partner a priority. What you give comes back to you.”
  23. “Loving relationships are karmic. The energy you radiate is mirrored back to you.”
  24. “If you betray your partner’s trust, karma will betray yours too.”
  25. “Never take more than you give in love. Keep the karmic balance.”
  26. “When you show your partner unconditional love, it will come back to you tenfold.”
  27. “Honesty and loyalty in relationships are rewarded by the universe.”
  28. “Always support your partner in hard times. Your loyalty will be returned.”
  29. “Treat your partner as your equal. Any imbalance in a relationship has karmic consequences.”
  30. “If you want your relationship to go the distance, make sure your love karma is good.”
  31. “Never keep secrets from your partner or the relationship’s karma will turn sour.”
  32. “When you take care of your relationship, it takes care of you right back.”
  33. “The key to relationship success is balance. Make sure the give and take is even.”
  34. “If you betray your partner, your karma will come around to bite you.”
  35. “If you want a loving relationship, be loving. It’s karmic.”
  36. “The energy you put into your relationship is mirrored back. Make it positive!”
  37. “In love, whatever you send out comes back. Remember that.”
  38. “When you treat your partner with kindness and respect, your relationship thrives.”
  39. “When both people prioritize the relationship, it has good karma.”
  40. “Don’t take more than you give in your relationship. Karma is always watching.”
  41. “If you want your partner to understand you, take time to understand them too.”
  42. “Relationships require compromise. Meet your partner halfway.”
  43. “When both partners make sacrifices for each other, the relationship has good karma.”
  44. “Never give up on someone you really love. Your loyalty will come back to you.”
  45. “Appreciate your partner. Never take their love for granted or karma will teach you a lesson.”
  46. “In a relationship, the energy you project is mirrored back to you. Make sure it’s positive.”
  47. “When both partners radiate love and support, the relationship thrives.”
  48. “Always make time for your partner, or else karma will make sure you regret it.”
  49. “If you want unwavering loyalty, be loyal. Relationships are karmic.”
  50. “Never cheat in a relationship. Karma will return the pain you caused.”

“Never cheat in a relationship. Karma will return the pain you caused.”What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes For Her

  1. “When you support her dreams, she will support yours. It’s karmic.”
  2. “Make her feel like a queen and karma will treat you like a king in return.”
  3. “Love her fully and honestly. Your loyalty will come back to you.”
  4. “Understand her deepest fears and anxieties, and she will understand yours.”
  5. “When you make her laugh, the universe laughs with you.”
  6. “Make her smile every day. Your thoughtfulness will be returned.”
  7. “Compliment her sincerely. Your words will uplift both of you.”
  8. “When you take time to listen to her, she will listen to you too.”
  9. “If you want her to respect you, respect her thoughts and feelings.”
  10. “Treat her like a queen and the universe will reward you richly for it.”
  11. “If you want her to be there for you, be there for her in the tough times too.”
  12. “Love her soul and karma will bring you together.”
  13. “Make her feel heard, seen, and valued. Your care will come back to you.”
  14. “Trust her completely and she will trust you the same way.”
  15. “If you want unwavering loyalty from her, be loyal first.”
  16. “Stand up for her always. Your courage will inspire her to stand up for you too.”
  17. “Make time for just the two of you. Enjoying each other strengthens the bond.”
  18. “Treat her with compassion and empathy. She will return it when you need it most.”
  19. “Give her your honest thoughts. She will open up honestly with you too.”
  20. “When you tell her she’s beautiful, know that it’s her spirit that radiates.”
  21. “Cherish her quirks and uniqueness. In return, she will embrace yours.”
  22. “Make her days brighter. Her joy will light up your world.”
  23. “Give her your undivided attention. She will reciprocate gratefully.”
  24. “Offer her steadfast partnership. She will remain loyally by your side.”
  25. “Shower her with little gifts and she will repay you with her devotion.”
  26. “Make her laugh as often as possible. The joy will lift your spirits too.”
  27. “Show unwavering belief in her. She will believe in you just as strongly.”
  28. “Make her happiness your priority. The universe will make hers yours.”
  29. “Treat her like a queen and she will treat you like her king.”
  30. “Appreciate everything she does for you. She will feel valued and respected.”
  31. “Surprise her unexpectedly. She will want to surprise you too.”
  32. “Give her space to breathe. She will be glad to give you space too.”
  33. “When you need someone to talk to, be that person for her too.”
  34. “Make time for romance. The energy will reinvigorate your bond.”
  35. “Never take her for granted. Appreciate every moment together.”
  36. “Uplift and encourage her always. She will motivate you to achieve your dreams.”
  37. “Make her feel secure. She will stand by you through life’s storms.”
  38. “Give thoughtful gifts that show you really know her. She will repay thoughtfully too.”
  39. “Help her become the woman she dreams of being. She will help you achieve your goals too.”
  40. “Shower her with affection. She will affectionately support you always.”
  41. “Make her feel irreplaceable. She will treasure you forever in her heart.”
  42. “Laugh with her. She will be by your side in the good and bad times.”
  43. “Take time to reflect on how amazing she is. She will recognize your wonderful qualities too.”
  44. “Make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. She will make you feel like a king.”
  45. “Love her for who she is deep down. She will love the real you too.”
  46. “Help her live her dreams. She will stand by you as you live yours.”
  47. “Give her hope during her darkest hours. She will be your light when you need it.”
  48. “Shower her with affection and positivity. That energy will surround you both.”
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“Shower her with affection and positivity. That energy will surround you both.”What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes Funny

  1. “Karma is just waiting for the perfect time to punch you in the face.”
  2. “Karma works hard, but it always gets the last laugh.”
  3. “What goes around is all around.” – Justin Timberlake
  4. “Karma only believes in an eye for an eye, not a tooth for a tooth. It will get all your teeth.”
  5. “Speak kindly – karma doesn’t like those who gossip.”
  6. “Karma loves turning the tables on jerks when they least expect it.”
  7. “Karma is the ultimate vigilante hero. It always gets the bad guy eventually.”
  8. “When karma comes for you, there’s nowhere to hide.”
  9. “Karma – keeping jerks in check since the dawn of civilization.”
  10. “Don’t waste time plotting revenge. Karma’s on the case.”
  11. “Karma always collects its debts with high interest.”
  12. “Never rush karma. It arrives right on schedule.”
  13. “Karma: The eternal vigilante always watching the bad guys.”
  14. “Karma’s a word that means fate sealed. So make good choices, or else you’ll get kneeled.”
  15. “Mess with others, then watch your back. ‘Cause karma won’t show no slack.”
  16. “Be careful of the seeds you sow. ‘Cause karma’s got crazy flow.”
  17. “Karma’s always on time. It’s not fate, it’s destiny’s twin.”
  18. “When karma pays its debt collectors always get paid.”
  19. “Karma – correcting wrongs since the dawn of time.”
  20. “Karma’s got stealth mode when serving up revenge.”
  21. “Karma always collects. No dodging, no weaving, no begging.”
  22. “Break karma’s rules? Like the mafia, you better sleep with one eye open.”
  23. “Never rush karma. It always arrives right on schedule”
  24. “Keep your karma clean – you never know who’s watching.”
  25. “Karma works on its own timeframe. But it always works.”
  26. “Karma – The eternal vigilante hero of the universe.”
  27. “Be nice to karma. Karma isn’t nice to everyone.”
  28. “Karma’s a force of nature – relentless, unstoppable, inevitable.”
  29. “You can’t beat karma. No appeals, no plea bargains.”
  30. “Never underestimate karma’s creativity in doling out justice.”
  31. “Need revenge? Don’t lift a finger – just let karma work its magic.”
  32. “Karma always circles back around. And it never forgets a name.”
  33. “You can’t see karma coming, but it sees you.”
  34. “Karma is the ultimate secret agent.”
  35. “Karma: Silently keeping the universe’s books balanced since the Big Bang.”
  36. “Be nice to karma. Karma keeps receipts.”
  37. “Never rush karma. It will get to you when the time is right.”
  38. “Karma works on commission – the more vengeance needed, the harder it works.”
  39. “Karma works for justice, not for your timeline.”
  40. “Karma always collects what’s due – with interest.”
  41. “Karma serves revenge ice cold. And it’s very patient.”
  42. “Karma works at its own speed. But it never quits before the job’s done.”
  43. “Upset karma and your luck may take a permanent vacation.”
  44. “Karma follows you wherever you go. You can’t outrun your past.”
  45. “Need to get even? Take a chill pill and let karma handle it.”
  46. “Karma is the eternal vigilante hero of the universe.”
  47. “Karma is the ultimate fairytale witch. Be nice or get turned into a frog.”
  48. “Upset karma and you’ll be looking over your shoulder the rest of your life.”
  49. “Karma knows when you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!”
  50. “Don’t try rushing karma. You’ll just stress yourself out.”
  51. “Karma takes revenge very seriously – it has all eternity to get you.”
  52. “You can’t hide from karma. It sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake.”
  53. “Karma’s always watching and taking notes. And its memory is eternal.”
  54. “Need revenge? Don’t bother planning it yourself. Karma’s already on the case.”
  55. “Karma works on a schedule that no one understands but it.”
  56. “Karma runs the ultimate Ponzi scheme. Steal happiness from others and karma will steal yours.”
  57. “Karma doesn’t read your texts apologizing for being a jerk. It reads your actions.”
  58. “Never try rushing karma. You’ll just ruin its master plan.”
  59. “Karma works in mysterious ways. But it always works.”
  60. “No one checks their karma points. But karma is always keeping score.”
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“No one checks their karma points. But karma is always keeping score.”What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes Short

  1. “Karma always delivers.”
  2. “What goes around, comes around.”
  3. “Karma is undefeated.”
  4. “Karma never forgets.”
  5. “Karma is always watching.”
  6. “Deeds return.”
  7. “Sow kindness, reap kindness.”
  8. “Karma balances the scales.”
  9. “Karma evens the score.”
  10. “Karma repays.”
  11. “Karma circles back.”
  12. “Karma will find you.”
  13. “Karma is relentless.”
  14. “Karma is patient.”
  15. “Karma serves justice.”
  16. “Karma collects debts.”
  17. “Karma never rests.”
  18. “Karma is inescapable.”
  19. “Karma is inevitable.”
  20. “What goes up must come down.”
  21. “Karma has perfect timing.”
  22. “Karma leaves no wrong unrighted.”
  23. “Karma knows when you’ve been bad or good.”
  24. “Karma always balances the scales.”
  25. “Karma never misses a target.”
  26. “Karma works in mysterious ways.”
  27. “Karma repays kindness with kindness.”
  28. “Karma mirrors your actions.”
  29. “Sow good, reap good.”
  30. “Karma always gets you in the end.”
  31. “Karma catches up eventually.”
  32. “You reap what you sow.”
  33. “Karma always circles back around.”
  34. “Karma evens the odds.”
  35. “Karma is always lurking.”
  36. “Karma waits patiently.”
  37. “Karma never forgets a deed.”
  38. “What goes around comes back around.”
  39. “Karma pays us back in kind.”
  40. “Karma is the great equalizer.”

Karma is the great equalizer.What Goes Around Comes Around Quotes For Instagram

  1. ✨ What goes around comes around. ✨
  2. 🌟Karma always delivers. 🌟
  3. 💫Sow kindness, reap kindness💫
  4. 🌠Deeds return 🌠
  5. ✨Karma has perfect timing✨
  6. 🌕Karma leaves no wrong unrighted 🌕
  7. 🌈Karma balances the scales🌈
  8. ⭐️Karma circles back⭐️
  9. 🎇Karma repays 🎇
  10. ✨Karma serves justice✨
  11. 🌟Karma waits patiently🌟
  12. 💫Karma knows when you’ve been bad or good💫
  13. 🌠Karma collects debts🌠
  14. ✨What goes up must come down ✨
  15. 🌙Karma never rests🌙
  16. 🌕Karma always gets you in the end🌕
  17. ⭐️You reap what you sow⭐️
  18. 💫Karma pays us back in kind💫
  19. 🌈Karma mirrors your actions🌈
  20. ✨Karma is the great equalizer✨
  21. 🌠Sow good, reap good🌠
  22. 💫Karma catches up eventually💫
  23. 🌟Karma always circles back around🌟
  24. ✨Karma never misses a target ✨
  25. 🌙Karma works in mysterious ways🌙
  26. 🌕Karma never forgets🌕
  27. ⭐️Karma is inevitable⭐️
  28. 💫Karma is relentless💫
  29. 🌈Karma evens the score🌈
  30. ✨Karma evens the odds✨

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