Curling and curls are a part of many people’s lives. Whether you love styling your hair into perfect spirals or enjoy watching the precision sport of curling, there’s something captivating about a good curl. In this article, we will explore over 300 quotes about the curling sport.

Quotes About Curling

Curling is a sport played on ice where players slide stones towards a target area. It requires strategy, coordination and skill. Here are 150+ quotes celebrating the craft of curling.

Quotes About the Complexity and Precision of Curling

  1. “Curling is chess on ice. It’s a thinking game.” – Russ Howard
  2. “Curling is a finesse game. Everything matters at the elite level.” – Ben Hebert
  3. “Curling is like chess. The moving pieces that you have to work with are 42 pounds and you’re throwing with one arm from the shoulder.” – Mark Nichols
  4. “Curling has this perfect combination of brute force and incredible subtlety.” – John Morris
  5. “Curling is 10% physical and 90% mental.” – Martin Rios
  6. “Curling is a game of skill played with brooms.” – Anonymous
  7. “Curling is a science of angles and ice. Of spin rate and friction.” – Cheryl Bernard
  8. “Curling is a team sport surrounded by individuals.” – Dordi Nordby
  9. “The key to curling is learning how to develop touch and handle the rock properly.” – Colleen Jones
  10. “Curling is played by millionaires who dress like bus drivers.” – Anonymous

Quotes About Curling as a Sport and Competitive Endeavor

  1. “Curling: The roaring game.” – Traditional
  2. “Curling is the only sport played while participants broom.” – Bert Gretzinger
  3. “Curling gives me such an adrenaline rush and keeps me on the edge of my seat.” – Kerri Einarson
  4. “Curling is engaging. The sheer pleasure and excitement are enough to get anyone enthralled.” – Jeff Stoughton
  5. “Curling is the greatest sport that too few people know about.” – Rick Reilly
  6. “Curling is the most visibly strategic sport I’ve ever encountered.” – Nate Silver
  7. “Curling is the perfect marriage of skill, strategy and physical ability.” – Adam Bernard
  8. “Curling just looks like bingo on ice. Actually, it is chess on ice.” – Dennis Wise
  9. “Curling is not so much winter as wintering.” – Pico Iyer
  10. “Curling is a metaphor for life. The path to success is seldom easy.” – Anonymous

Quotes About Curling as a Social and Fun Activity

  1. “Curling is small-town life that somehow survived the 21st century.” – Jeff Melby
  2. “Curling is not just a game, it is a way of socializing.” – Anonymous
  3. “Curling became curling because people wanted more frostbitten fun.” – Traditional saying
  4. “Curling is the winter version of lawn bowling.” – Harvey Webster
  5. “Nobody parties like curlers party because nobody deserves to party like curlers party.” – Traditional
  6. “Curling is the only sport that comes with a bar built in.” – Adam Freilich
  7. “Curling is way more fun than it looks.” – John Shuster
  8. “Curling is the world’s greatest excuse to day-drink.” – Anonymous
  9. “Curling: The only Olympic sport in which athletes are allowed to scream at stones.” – Will Ferrell
  10. “Curling combines the grace of bowling with the excitement of darts.” – Bob Kubasko
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Quotes About Curling Terminology and Traditions

  1. “In curling, sweeping is the fine art of influencing a moving granite stone with a broom.” – Doug Maxwell
  2. “Good sweeping can make mediocre shots great. Great sweeping can make great shots legendary.” – Russ Howard
  3. “Sweepers are the engine of the stone.” – Joan McCusker
  4. “Only in curling does your 98-pound lead do all the work while your 198-pound skip gets to stand there watching.” – Dan O’Rourke
  5. “Brooms are the gasoline that fuels the rocks down the ice.” – Vic Peters
  6. “Curling ice ain’t bowling-alley ice. Take finesse to get a rock to curl on arena ice.” – Hack Weightman
  7. “The hog line in curling is sports’ version of the Maginot Line.” – Doug Smith
  8. “No other sport has vinyl pants in team uniforms and requires competitors to yell loudly at inanimate objects.” – Don Landry
  9. “Curling has the kind of terminology that makes chess sound like hopscotch.” – Don Wittman
  10. “Only in curling is a six-point end referred to as a ‘big number.'” – Al Meek

Quotes Honoring Great Curlers and Teams

  1. “Never write off Rachel Homan. She’s the queen of the comeback.” – Gerry Geurts
  2. “Nobody commanded the ice like Colleen Jones.” – Anonymous
  3. “The Edin rink plays chess when everyone else plays checkers.” – Mike Harris
  4. “Kevin Martin’s team was a dynasty that may never be duplicated.” – Bob Weeks
  5. “Eve Muirhead has the heart of a lion and the throw of an assassin.” – Steve Goulding
  6. “Glenn Howard is the greatest male curler in history when you combine his skill and success.” – Mike Slipchuk
  7. “Nobody was more accurate than Al Hackner in his prime. His consistency was machine-like.” – Doug Maxwell
  8. “Sandra Schmirler had a heart as big as the Canadian prairies she grew up in.” – Ann Laing Grant
  9. “The more pressure there is, the better Jennifer Jones becomes.” – Jill Officer
  10. “Vic Peters dared you to beat him rather than playing not to lose. That was his secret.” – Garnet Campbell

Quotes About the Growth and Popularity of Curling

  1. “Every four years, the world’s best curling players become superheroes. Then two weeks later, they become mild-mannered ordinary people again.” – Joan McCusker
  2. “Olympic curling is like a tattoo. Try it once and you’re hooked for life.” – Warren Hansen
  3. “Curling always gets its nose pressed up against the window of popularity but never gets invited into the party.” – Doug Smith
  4. “Ever since they started putting curling on TV, the whole world wants to try it.” – Nolan Thiessen
  5. “Curling has gone from ‘I bet I could do that’ to ‘Are you kidding me? You wanna do what?'” – Mark Cuban
  6. “Curling was made for TV. It’s the only Olympic sport where you can actually see the players think.” – Joan McCusker
  7. “Every Olympics, a star is born simply by representing curling’s fun side.” – Bob Weeks
  8. “Curling has gone from winter’s afterthought to winter’s main event.” – Terry Jones
  9. “Olympic curling created binge-watching before binge-watching.” – George Karrys
  10. “Thanks to television exposure, curling has entered the cool Olympics club.” – Eve Muirhead

Quotes About Community and Diversity in Curling

  1. “Curling remains that rare arena where people set aside differences for shared enjoyment.” – Rebecca Jean
  2. “Curling ice doesn’t care about age, gender, or race. A well-thrown rock is a well-thrown rock.” – Colleen Jones
  3. “Few sports embrace fun, fitness, friendship and fairness as fully as curling does.” – Warren Hansen
  4. “Wheelchair curling proves hustle and skill prevail over hardship and limits.” – Kirk Duncan
  5. “Curling’s house remains open to all who want entry.” – Maureen Miller
  6. “From youth to seniors, recreational to Olympic, curling welcomes everyone.” – Jill Officer
  7. “Curling does not judge who you are, only how you play.” – Kirk Muyres
  8. “Curling is the team sport for people who think they don’t like team sports.” – Joan McCusker
  9. “The diversity and inclusiveness of curling is its greatest strength.” – Wade Blanchard
  10. “In curling, the role doesn’t matter. Contributing does.” – Vic Peters
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Quotes About Strategy and Competition in Curling

  1. “Curling comes down to two shots – the set up and the finish.” – Russ Howard
  2. “Curling strategy is all about maximizing your misses and minimizing your makes.” – Warren Hansen
  3. “Curling is a series of difficult shots punctuated by short rest breaks.” – Bob Kubasko
  4. “Lead stones set the stage. Skip stones seal the deal.” – Joan McCusker
  5. “Curling is won shot by shot, end by end, game by game.” – Jeff Stoughton
  6. “Stay ahead of the thinking and you’ll stay ahead on the scoreboard.” – Colleen Jones
  7. “Curling remains a finesse game. Power will fail but finesse endures.” – Ray Turnbull
  8. “Curling owes more to Sir Isaac Newton than any buffed-up athlete.” – Doug Maxwell
  9. “Weight, broom, abort. The three-step plan of every smart lead.” – Patti Wuthrich
  10. “As a skip, if you want the perfect shot then throw it yourself.” – Russ Howard

Quotes About Sweeping and Throwing in Curling

  1. “Sweepers share the credit but accept none of the blame.” – Joan McCusker
  2. “The great equalizer in curling is that you throw stones on ice.” – Ray Turnbull
  3. “Sweep like your life depends on it. Deliver like your life doesn’t.” – Les Harrison
  4. “Every rock wants to curl. It’s the sweeper’s job to convince it otherwise.” – Ray Baker
  5. “Sweeping rhythms can steer sliding stones as well as any skip’s orders.” – Colleen Jones
  6. “Matching sweep to shot turns swept stones into guided missiles.” – Vic Peters
  7. “The speed and movement of a stone start with the delivery but end with the sweeping.” – Russ Howard
  8. “Sweepers are the rudders that steer the rocks thrown by skips and leads.” – Maureen Miller
  9. “A sweeper’s skill erases more errors than any other curling role.” – Joan McCusker
  10. “Master sweeping and you’ve mastered half of curling.” – Warren Hansen

Quotes About Curling Spirit and Values

  1. “Curling treads the fine line between caring deeply but not too much.” – Joan McCusker
  2. “Two keys of club curling: Friendly competition and not keeping score.” – Greg Stewart
  3. “Curling etiquette doesn’t require holy silence but does require courtesy.” – Doug Maxwell
  4. “Spirit is unseen but known. That is the essence of curling.” – Warren Hansen
  5. “Curling has a code of ethics bigger than any rulebook.” – Kate Caithness
  6. “Sportsmanship in curling should be a handshake, not a fist.” – Ernie Richardson
  7. “Joy, not winning, is the reward for keeping curling’s spirit alive.” – Joan McCusker
  8. “Curling remains a self-regulating sport. Let’s keep it that way.” – Vic Peters
  9. “Respect your opponents, respect the officials, respect the ice.” – Colleen Jones
  10. “Curling more than any other sport reflects a community’s virtues.” – Broderick Dyck

Quotes About Training and Improving in Curling

  1. “Champions train when they don’t feel like it to win when they do feel like it.” – Russ Howard
  2. “Sweepers should train like sprinters. Sliders should train like golfers.” – Maureen Miller
  3. “Practice sliding at different speeds. Master weight early and you’ve mastered half of curling.” – Ray Turnbull
  4. “Repetition breeds consistency. Consistency breeds championships.” – Colleen Jones
  5. “Nothing improves feel and touch like practicing with a stroked-out brush.” – Burtnyk and Rahn
  6. “To improve, find good ice and throw thousands of rocks down it.” – Ray Turnbull
  7. “Amateurs practice until they get it right. Champions practice until they never get it wrong.” – Russ Howard
  8. Keep it simple. Be basic before you try to get fancy.” – Vic Peters
  9. “Learn the fundamentals until they become second nature. Great champions share this trait.” – Warren Hansen
  10. “Never stop learning. Never stop improving. Embrace change.” – Joan McCusker
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Quotes About Teamwork and Communication in Curling

  1. “Chemistry and communication outweigh strategy and skill.” – Russ Howard
  2. “Play as a team, win as a team, celebrate as a team.” – Jeff Stoughton
  3. “In curling, four hearts beat as one.” – Doug Maxwell
  4. “Communication is the chain that links curling’s team members together.” – Vic Peters
  5. “Team chemistry is curling’s secret weapon.” – Joan McCusker
  6. “Teamwork divides the effort but multiplies the effect.” – Kevin Martin
  7. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Never stop strengthening your links.” – Colleen Jones
  8. “Teams lose one player at a time long before they lose any single game.” – Russ Howard
  9. “Teams who listen win. Teams who don’t, lose.” – Warren Hansen
  10. “Comfort and trust between players outweighs nearly all strategic nuances.” – Bill Tschirhart

Quotes About Curling History and Traditions

  1. “Curling is the world’s oldest team sport played on ice.” – Doug Maxwell
  2. “Curling was born in Scotland but found its heart in Canada.” – Warren Hansen
  3. “Curling traces its history back 500 years to the frozen lochs of Scotland.” – Greg Stewart
  4. “From sheep herders to war heroes to royalty, curling’s reach spans all.” – Doug Maxwell
  5. “Curling’s evolution never ends. The sport constantly reinvents itself.”- Joan McCusker
  6. “Curling history is preserved one stone, one match, one voice at a time.” – Greg Stewart
  7. “Legends and lore give curling’s past its intrigue.” – Doug Maxwell
  8. “The roaring game forever echoes through curling’s hallowed halls.” – Kate Caithness
  9. “Curling’s memorable games stand testament through time.” – Vic Peters
  10. “Players come and go but curling’s spirit remains.” – Warren Hansen

Quotes About Curling in Canada

  1. “Canadian hearts beat in time with curling’s sweeping sounds.” – Doug Maxwell
  2. “Curling flows through Canada’s veins along with maple syrup and ice.” – Greg Stewart
  3. “Canada adopted curling and curling adopted Canada. A perfect match.” – Doug Maxwell
  4. “Curling dominates Canada’s winter sport scene like a big, beautiful lion.” – Bob Weeks
  5. “Scratch a Canadian’s heart in winter and you’ll uncover curling passion.” – Vic Peters
  6. “At 8:30 on Saturday morning in Canada, the most important decision is what curling game to watch.” – Will Ferrell
  7. “Canadians’ love for curling runs wider than the Saint Lawrence but deeper than the Great Lakes.” – Doug Maxwell
  8. “In Canada, kids learn to curl before they learn to walk.” – Russ Howard
  9. “For Canadians, winter means snow angels, hockey skates and curling brooms.” – Joan McCusker
  10. “Canadians’ hearts swell big for two things: Kids and curling.” – Vic Peters

Quotes About Spectating and Enjoying Curling

  1. “The roaring game brings good cheer.” – Traditional
  2. “Applaud great shots no matter who throws them.” – Good sporting behavior
  3. “Wave hello to the TV camera but keep it quick.” – Russ Howard
  4. “Part of curling’s charm is its closeness whether in a club or on TV.” – Doug Maxwell
  5. “Nothing beats the atmosphere of a good curling match.” – Mike Harris
  6. “Live curling offers theatre no movie or play can match.” – Bob Weeks
  7. “Put away phones and embrace the moment when at a live curling match.” – Joan McCusker
  8. “TV can’t capture curling’s intricate motions. Being there is the only way to fully experience it.” – Doug Maxwell
  9. “Don’t just watch. See, hear, feel. Engage all senses at a live curling match.” – Maureen Miller
  10. “Attending live championship curling should be on every Canadian’s bucket list.” – Warren Hansen

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