Do you remember when mushrooms were just for shrooms? Well, times have changed, and now mushrooms are for everyone! Whether you’re talking about the edible kind or the psychedelic ones, there are so many different kinds of mushrooms out there, it’s hard not to find a few you like. And if you come up with a good mushroom pun, you’ll find yourself the life of the party.

Plus, a few good puns on mushrooms will make even the most straight-laced mushroom lover in your life giggle. This is good because chances are, he’s hiding a few punny secrets from you… and that will lead to some good, old-fashioned bonding.

Mushroom Puns

1. Mushrooms are my favorite food group. After fungi.

2. Mushrooms are magic. Especially when they are on top of a cheeseburger.

3. Mushroom can fix anything. Except for a case of hiccups.

4. Don’t eat too many mushrooms. They’ll make you see pink elephants.

5. I love mushrooms so much I think I will marry them.

6. Mushrooms are nature’s Viagra.

7. I’ve got a secret weapon for getting laid. It’s called “cheeseburgers.”

8. Mushrooms love me.

9. Don’t be a square; eat some shrooms!

10. Mushrooms have feelings too.

11. I think I’m beginning to understand why God made mushrooms female.

12. Mushrooms are fun! They make everything better!

13. Mushrooms are great aphrodisiacs.

14. All women are crazy about mushrooms.

15. Mushrooms are one of the five food groups.

16. That’s just fungusly.

17. Mushrooms are my favorite vegetable.

18. Mushrooms can grow in cement.

19. Mushrooms are a member of the toadstool family.

20. Mushrooms are all part of the mushroom kingdom.

21. Mushrooms are fungi.

22. You’re so mushroomable.

23. I think we should get mushroomed sometime.

24. Mushrooms are the fruit of the shittree.

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25. Mushrooms are good for you.

26. Mushrooms are magic.

27. Mushrooms: They’re not just for hats anymore.

28. A mushroom is a small, brownskinned fungus that grows on wood.

29. Have you ever seen a mushroom? It looks like a little brown cap.

30. I spy with my little eye something beginning with M…is it a mushroom?

31. You know what they say about mushrooms? Everybody has a different opinion. Here’s mine: If you come across a mushroom in the woods and you pick it, you should eat it. That way, you’ll never miss a good thing twice.

32. I love mushy. They’re my favorite fungus.

33. Mushrooms make me horny.

34. You’re so mushroomed.

35. You’ve got mushrooms on your mind.

36. Let’s get naughty and mushy.

37. Mushrooms are fungi, which means they’re for sure in my food chain.

38. Don’t be afraid of the caps, be afraid of the roots.

39. The white buttons are really cool when you pop them off and look at the gills.

40. Mushrooms have an amazing ability to make you hallucinate.

41. I think I ate too many mushrooms.

42. Mushrooms make me giggle.

43. Did you hear about the stripper who ate some magic mushrooms, and her pole dancing became so amazing, she decided to go into the program?

44. I think I’m coming down from the mushrooms.

45. Let’s explore the forest and see if we can find some more mushrooms.

46. I’ll have a white wine spritzer, and you have a beer. We’ll go out in the woods and look for some more mushrooms.

47. I’m not really sure what I was expecting to find when I went out into the woods to look for more mushrooms, but whatever it was, it wasn’t this!

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48. I love puns. They’re like secret codes that two people share, which means they both get a tiny little secret laugh. It’s like laughing inside yourself.

49. Mushrooms make me think of my dear friend, Bob. He was a real punny guy.

50. Mushrooms are like women. Most guys don’t even try to understand them; they just assume they’re “crazy” and move on to the next thing.

51. Mushrooms are like onions. They’re a necessary part of any meal, but you have to be careful not to eat too many, or you’ll start to cry.

52. A mushroom is a fungus that grows on dung.

53. Just wait till next year… when we’re all mushrooming together.

54. You can’t have too many friends like mushrooms.

55. Don’t go getting mushy in a state of mind.

56. Don’t be a dummy; get some giant mushrooms.

57. Ocala is the mushroom capital of the world.

58. I’m going to eat some more mushrooms and dance at the table.

59. I feel like an itty bitty mushroom.

60. They’re one of my favorite vegetables.

61. Don’t eat mushrooms. They’ll make you sick.

62. Don’t be afraid of the boogie, man. He’s just a little mushroom.

63. He’s just a little, tiny mushroom.

64. Mushrooms have a very short life.

65. Mushrooms don’t have long to live.

66. Mushrooms are one of the 6 basic food groups.

67. If you eat a lot of mushrooms, you might end up with a little extra money in your pocket.

68. Mushrooms are nature’s candy.

69. The king of all fungi.

70. Mushrooms can be toxic.

71. I don’t know much about mushrooms.

72. I think I saw a mushroom cloud once.

73. It’s not the fungus that’s poisonous; it’s the toxin produced by the fungus.

74. You can eat any mushroom and not get sick as long as you don’t eat too many.

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75. Mushrooms are a type of fungus.

76. I think I’ve had too many mushroom puns.

Cute Mushroom Puns

cute mushroom puns

77. The mushroom has a way with women.

78. That’s one spooky mushroom.

79. I don’t know much about mushrooms, but that one looks like it has a girlfriend.

80. Mushrooms have a way with me.

81. She was just looking for the right guy to put his love into.

82. He had to be the right guy for her.

83. That’s one cute mushroom.

84. He’s such a nice mushroom; he offered to get her some wine.

85. The cute little mushroom who fell in love with the sexy caterpillar.

86. The world is my mushroom.

87. I think I’ll just mosey on over to the other side of the room.

88. He’s so mushable.

89. You’ve got to be mushheaded.

90. I think we should get mushried someday.

91. The mushroom has a life of its own.

92. When it comes to puns, mushrooms are king.

93. Mushrooms have an amazing way with words.

94. I think you’re cute, but only as a mushroom.

95. Cute Mushrooms Rule!

96. You should always trust a mushroom.

97. I love you, my sweet cutesy mushroom.

98. I think that mushroom just landed on your face.

99. He got mushroomed when he found out his new girlfriend was a stripper.

100. My accountant is so cute; I think he is a mushroom.

101. You can’t polish a… mushroom!

102. Mushrooms have more fun than me.

103. I guess it’s time for some mushrooming!

104. Let’s get mushrooming!

105. What the heck, let’s get mushrooming!

106. This is turning into a total mushroom!

107. You’re making me want to shroom.

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