How About a Drink League Quote: Do you ever find yourself wondering “How about a drink league quote” when playing video games? With the rise in popularity of games like League of Legends, gamers young and old look for ways to connect more deeply with the characters and lore. Quotes are a great way to liven up the experience, make you laugh, and even inspire you.

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How About a Drink League Quote

Here, we’ll explore over 50 “how about a drink league quote” to enhance your gameplay. From funny one-liners to badass boasts, we’ve got you covered. Let’s dive in!

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Funny Quotes

Laughter is the best medicine, right? These funny “how about a drink league quote” will have you giggling as you play.

1. “I was hiding! Hiding can be fun, you should try it!” – Zoe

As an eternal child, Zoe sees the fun in everything – even being sneaky! Her playful perspective shines in this quote.

2. “I’m rubber and you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and sticks to you!” – Ziggs

When provoked, Ziggs defaults to classic playground comebacks. This quote shows off his juvenile sense of humor.

3. “I got this. I’m an expert…at breathing!” – Rammus

As a simple armadillo, Rammus plays up his limited skills for comedic effect. We can all relate to feeling out of our depth sometimes.

4. “I’ll have you know I stubbed my toe last week, while watering my spice garden, and I only cried for twenty minutes.” – Teemo

Oh Teemo, always the tough guy. Leaning into Teemo’s reputation for being cutesey helps make this exaggerated quote funny.

5. “The early bird guts the worm.” – Kench

Tahm Kench twists a common saying into something much more morbid, capturing his grim style of humor.

6. “pizza” ?????? Zac

Simple, random, and said with such feeling. Zac’s nonsensical pizza quote tickles the funny bone in its absurdity.

7. “Float like a butterfly, sting like me!” – Skarner

Twisting a famous boxing quote, Skarner makes it his own by boasting about his sting. The unexpected mash-up makes it humorous.

8. “You’re listening to the Lollipop Guild.” – Lulu

When using her ultimate, Lulu makes referece to Wizard of Oz’s Lollipop Guild – a clever, unexpected pop culture insertion.

9. “Yup, that tasted purple!” – Lulu

Lulu’s whimsical, colorful palate always produces funny food descriptions like this one. They’re so outrageously silly.

10. “I spy with my little eye…A DOOR!” – Fizz

Fizz puts a goofy spin on the classic “I spy” game by exclaiming an obvious object. His enthusiasm makes it comedic.

Inspirational Quotes

Sometimes you need a quick pick-me-up. These inspirational “how about a drink league quote” will motivate you to keep playing.

11. “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” – Lucian

A quote about perseverance fitting Lucian’s stoic dedication to fighting the undead. Keep it in mind when games get tough.

12. “Peace above all.” – Soraka

Soraka’s simple but resonant message inspires by reminding us what’s truly important.

13. “By each sun that sets, I grow wiser.” – Lee Sin

Though blind, Lee Sin reveals thought-provoking wisdom, encouraging self-reflection and growth.

14. “Adapt to survive!” – Kha’zix

Kha’zix’s Darwinist quote provides perspective when you need to adjust strategies to win.

15. “The only truths that matter are the ones you hold to be self-evident.” – Azir

As a powerful emperor, Azir’s quote emphasizes forming your own beliefs over accepting what others decree.

16. “Journey before destination.” – Yasuo

Yasuo knows it’s about the experience, not just rushing to the finish. Appreciate each moment.

17. “Scars remind us that the past was real.” – Fiora

Fiora’s contemplative message encourages overcoming hardships and acknowledging all you’ve endured.

18. “Come forth coward, for I wish to test my skill.” – Fiora

An ego-driven call-out from Fiora, but it motivates by daring you to be brave and prove yourself.

19. “The heart is the strongest muscle.” – Braum

Braum’s gentle wisdom highlights inner strength over physical power. Heart and courage will see you through.

20. “Today’s showerthought is tomorrow’s whydidinotthinkofthat.” – Heimerdinger

Heimerdinger’s intellectual quip prompts self-improvement. Dwell on inspiration when it strikes!

Badass Boasts

Bust out these bold boasts when it’s time to assert dominance.

21. “Fear the shadow’s bite.” – Nocturne

With this ominous warning, Nocturne makes sure you know he’s a force to be reckoned with.

22. “Darkness is within my grasp.” – Nocturne

Another chilling reminder that Nocturne has a commanding power over darkness. Back away slowly…

23. “To all life: Bow before me!” – Aatrox

An epic command from Aatrox, who clearly thinks all should kneel before his might.

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24. “My right arm is a lot stronger than my left arm!” – Braum

You have to appreciate Braum’s endearingly specific, matter-of-fact flex. Hey, whatever it takes!

25. “Here’s a tip: Don’t die!” – Kled

Kled’s ultimately obvious advice induces eye rolls, but you can’t deny he says it with confidence.

26. “I’ll make boots from your hide!” – Warwick

A graphic threat only Warwick could deliver. Horrifying, but you can’t help but shudder with awe.

27. “Float like an astronaut, sting like a jello shot!” – Skarner

While nonsensical, Skarner sticks the landing on this bold Space Jam reference and rhyme.

28. “Let us hunter those who have fallen to darkness.” – Rengar

Rengar’s noble call to action proves he’s a fierce hunter willing to take on any prey.

29. “I am not good. I am great.” – Draven

Simply iconic. Draven sums up his ego and showmanship in one arrogant, brilliant line.

30. “Let me give you a hug…SIKE!!!” – Shaco

Even his boasts involve tricks! Only the devious Shaco can fake you out mid-quote.

Hopeful Quotes

Keep your head up with these hopeful “how about a drink league quote” for encouragement.

31. “The dawn has arrived.” – Leona

As the sun’s avatar, Leona’s talk of dawn brings reassuring light to dark times.

32. “By the holy light, I will succeed.” – Leona

Leona’s invocation of the sun’s power conveys faith she will overcome all obstacles.

33. “The night beckons while you dream.” – Nocturne

Though ominous, Nocturne’s quote implies you still have time before darkness falls.

34. “My light shall shine through!” – Lux

Lux bursts with optimism! Her message: stay positive, your brightness will prevail.

35. “I carry the lantern of hope for all.” – Senna

With her iconic lantern in hand, Senna’s quote brims with promise. There is always hope.

36. “All storms pass eventually.” – Kennen

Kennen reassures that no matter how hard things get, it’s temporary. You’ll make it through.

37. “Hope is the last thing ever lost.” – Garen

Garen wisely notes that even if all else fades, hope persists. Where there’s hope, there’s a way.

38. “The deeper the night, the brighter the stars.” – Soraka

Soraka reminds that even in the darkest moments, there are always glimmers of light to hold onto.

39. “Do not dwell on the past, look forward.” – Sona

Sona advises focusing our energy on the future, rather than what’s already happened. Wise words.

40. “Relish the calm between storms.” – Kennen

Kennen prompts us to find peace in even the briefest pauses in chaos and uncertainty. Take a breath.

Lighthearted Fun

These upbeat quotes will make you smile and remind you to enjoy the lighter side of the game.

41. “Yay, I’m a hero!” – Lux

Lux’s innocent joy in being a hero is contagious. Spread the positivity!

42. “I spy a smile, and it looks good on you.” – Lux

How sweet is Lux, giving sincere compliments to lift your spirits? It worked!

43. “Happiness is the best policy.” – Lulu

Lulu says choose joy! Her cheerful outlook is a breath of fresh air.

44. “Laughter is the language of fellowship.” – Bard

Well said, Bard. Finding connection through laughter makes the game more fun for all.

45. “Dance beneath the skin!” – Zac

Zac’s gleeful call to dance playfully in your own skin promotes self-love and fun. We could all use that reminder!

46. “Yordles so kawaii!” – Yuumi

Yuumi fangirls over her own kind, and her use of cutesy slang like “kawaii” keeps things upbeat.

47. “Stay pawsitive!” – Rengar

Rengar’s feline-friendly play on words is corny, but still makes you smile.

48. “Great fun comes in small packages!” – Tristana

The ever-positive Tristana highlights that good things come in all shapes and sizes.

49. “Turn that frown upside down!” – Ziggs

When vibes are down, Ziggs cheerfully reminds it only takes a little effort to lift things back up.

50. “Uh-oh, now you’ve yordle’d up!” – Tristana

Tristana’s made-up exclamation indulges some silly yordle wordplay, keeping the mood relaxed.

Words of Wisdom

Learn from these thought-provoking reflections on life and decision-making.

51. “We each walk our own path.” – Yasuo

Yasuo wisely observes that all our journeys are unique. Your true path is meant for you alone.

52. “Knowledge guides, but determination prevails.” – Ryze

Ryze knows information is power, but drive and devotion ultimately win the day.

53. “It is not the mountain ahead that should worry you, but the pebble in your shoe.” – Karma

Karma provides perspective – sometimes it’s the small obstacles right under our noses that matter most.

54. “There is no good or evil, only power…And those too weak to seek it.” – Veigar

Veigar shares his nihilistic worldview, where ethics mean little and strength is what counts.

55. “We’re all stories in the end. Make yours a good one.” – Bard

Bard poetically observes that we construct our own narrative. Craft yours wisely.

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56. “Number not the days, make the days number.” – Nasus

Nasus spins an elegant phrase, advising us to live fully rather than counting down.

57. “Make your own fate.” – Kayle

With few words, Kayle conveys that destiny is what you decide. Choose your path.

58. “Justice is more than right and wrong.” – Kayle

Kayle philosophizes that justice has many complex shades beyond simple good and evil.

59. “Armor yourself in knowledge.” – Nasus

Nasus astutely equates knowledge to armor. Seek wisdom to protect yourself.

60. “Oftentimes the biggest obstacle is ourselves.” – Karma

Karma knows we self-sabotage. The true enemy is often within. Look inward when facing hurdles.

Pride and Confidence

Amp yourself up with these supremely arrogant quotes from the most self-assured champs.

61. “Bow to the void… or be consumed by it!” – Kassadin

Kassadin boldly gives you only two options – submit or be destroyed. Confidence abounds.

62. “Divinity breeds contempt.” – Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser scorns divine powers, believing his own strength rivals gods. His hubris knows no limits.

63. “Complacency breeds weakness.” – Zed

Zed unapologetically warns against getting too comfortable and soft. He sees might as a relentless pursuit.

64. “I have learned enough to crush you.” – Zed

Zed is always seeking knowledge to consolidate power. This foreboding promise leaves no doubt he has slaying capabilities.

65. “True power is earned, not bestowed.” – Kayn

Kayn rejects handouts and believes in reaping what you sow. You must persistently master strength.

66. “Sharpen your fangs, little fox.” – Ahri

Ahri’s demeaning pet name signals she finds others beneath her. But she offers patronizing advice to improve nonetheless.

67. “I molded the very void into grand designs.” – Malzahar

Malzahar takes credit for shaping the terrifying void, boasting an unmatched ability to harness its power.

68. “Resistance is futile against the great evolution.” – Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix’s threat makes it clear trying to stop his rapidly evolving strength is pointless. Just surrender!

69. “Mere mortals dare not rush perfection.” – Vladimir

Vladimir will take his sweet time, unwilling to create his ideal vampire form for anyone. His standards are impossibly high.

70. “I am eternally transfixed upon victory.” – Vladimir

Another dose of Vladimir’s never-ending confidence. He’s persistently focused on domination. Are you?

Mystical Quotes

Contemplate origins and the fabric of the universe with these mystical musings.

71. “There is a world between worlds, in the space between spaces.” – Bard

Bard’s cosmic reflection on interconnected dimensions inspires a sense of wonder.

72. “If you fill your heart with hate, there is no room left for joy.” – Karma

Karma shares a mystical truth – negative emotions crowd out positive ones. Keep your heart light.

73. “The stars align against you.” – Zoe

Is destiny at play? Zoe’s dramatic line implies cosmic forces conspire against you.

74. “In the darkness, all paths lead to the same destination.” – Nocturne

Nocturne ominously ponders if darkness leads all to the same end, regardless of the choices made.

75. “The moon rises. The night begins.” – Diana

Diana’s vivid quote connects her to the moon’s mystical, transformative power as it shifts day to night.

76. “By moonlight, we haunt.” – Aphelios and Alune

Said in unison by these bonded siblings, this quote evokes their lunar mysticism and haunting power.

77. “The sun always rises.” – Leona

Leona roots her faith in the sun’s constant return each day, no matter how dark the night before.

78. “Heresy must be punished.” – Nasus

Nasus notes the mystical maintenance of balance requires heretical disruptions be controlled.

79. “Ours is the fury of the tides.” – Nami

Nami revokes the ocean’s mystical, raw fury and her command over it. Nature’s wrath is with her.

80. “The cycle of life and death continues.” – Kindred

Kindred acknowledges their place in the mystical cycle that defines existence. We’re all part of the dance.

Dramatic Exclamations

Express the drama and high stakes with these theatrical quotes.

81. “By my will, this shall be finished!” – Azir

Emperor Azir decrees the outcome. His word is finality.

82. “A reckoning approaches.” – Evelynn

Evelynn’s warning of impending retaliation carries a theatrical weight.

83. “Let the bloodshed begin.” – Vladimir

Does it get more melodramatically morbid than Vladimir eagerly anticipating carnage?

84. “Obliteration beckons.” – Vel’Koz

Vel’Koz signals mass destruction is on the horizon. How worryingly theatrical.

85. “Nothing burns like the cold.” – Lissandra

Lissandra juxtaposes icy cold and burning pain for exaggerated dramatic effect.

86. “The spider spins its wicked web.” – Elise

Elise dramatizes her cunning abilities by comparing herself to a devious spider.

87. “Darkness…it approaches.” – Nocturne

Two simple words convey so much brooding drama. Vintage Nocturne.

88. “Tell the historians I died with my axe in hand.” – Olaf

Ever the theatrical Viking, Olaf prepares for a dramatized grand demise.

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