Gurbani, the divine words of the Sikh Gurus, contains invaluable lessons and guidance for living a fulfilling life. The Gurus’ teachings encourage spiritual growth, finding inner peace, serving others, and connecting with the Divine. Here are some impactful Gurbani quotes to provide daily inspiration:

Gurbani Quotes

  1. Rise before dawn and meditate on the Lord’s Name. Make this your life’s purpose.
  2. The mind is fickle; it cannot be trusted. Make contentment your ear-rings, humility your begging bowl.
  3. Our destiny is written on our forehead. Realize the Lord within yourself.
  4. The body engages in falsehood, corruption and foolishness. The blind man has forgotten God’s Name.
  5. One who recognizes within himself That the Lord is pervading everywhere, That humble being is very rare.
  6. Acting blindly, the fool does not understand; again and again, he comes into the world.
  7. The body is false, but within it, the Immaculate Lord abides. Whoever understands this is very rare.
  8. That humble being, unto whom the Lord shows Mercy-the Lord inspires him to serve Him. Unto His Will, he surrenders.
  9. He Himself is the Banker, and He Himself is the Merchant. The Lord Himself calculates; through the Perfect Guru, He teaches us.
  10. Forever and ever, night and day, the Name of the Infinite Lord. This is the occupation of the Saints.
  11. He Himself created the universe; He contemplates Himself. The True Lord Himself causes all to do their deeds.
  12. He Himself beholds, and He Himself rejoices. He Himself bestows His Glance of Grace.
  13. God is unseen, infinite, incomparable, and unknowable. He has no form, feature, or outline.
  14. The True Guru, the Primal Being, the Great Giver; meeting Him, one realizes the Lord’s state and condition.
  15. Within the mind are gems and jewels inestimable. The Deep and Profound Lord dwells there.
  16. I have come to the Sanctuary of the Lord’s Door; O Nanak, the Karmic chains have fallen away.
  17. In the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, filth wears off, pollution washes away, and the sanity of the mind returns.
  18. God, the Savior, dwells within the minds of all. Meditate within your heart – behold the Mansion of the Lord’s Presence!
  19. The absolute Lord, the unrelated Lord, the infinite Lord, is deep within; He is kind and compassionate to all beings.
  20. The woods, the meadows and the three worlds belong to God; O Siblings of Destiny, God provides for all.
  21. Prays Nanak, God Himself knows His own state; what can anyone say about Him?
  22. Water, fire, wind, earth and the aakaashic ethers-in that house, the Fearless Lord God abides.
  23. The body-village crumbles into dust; all relations are cut away. The body is consumed, after one’s days are past.
  24. Eating and dressing, sleep and sensuality-all these are transitory and useless. People wander lost in doubt.
  25. Body and mind are united with the Lord; one who understands the essence of reality, knows it. O servant Nanak, without serving the True Guru, the Naam is not obtained.
  26. Without destiny, nothing can be done. What is supposed to happen will happen.
  27. Whatever God wills, that alone happens. There is not even an atom of free will.
  28. All beings and creatures are slaves of the Lord God; no one can erase their pre-ordained destiny.
  29. By His Will we come, and by His Will we go. No one is beyond His Command.
  30. You are the Great Giver, the Supreme Lord God. The whole world is Yours.
  31. The True Lord has wedded me, the True Bridegroom. I have found peace through the Holy Word of the Shabad.
  32. My light has merged into the Light; my marriage with the Lord is eternal. Blessed is that hour, that blessed time, when I united with Him.
  33. The Lord Himself has stood by me. The hot winds do not even touch me.
  34. Night and day, the Lord cares for me. Remembering Him in meditation, my clothes are sanctified.
  35. My bed is embellished, meeting Him. I sing the songs of joy.
  36. Conquering my mind, I have met the Lord, my King. The Lord Himself has met me, and He dwells within my mind.
  37. My desire is to serve Him; forever and ever, I am a sacrifice to Him.
  38. My mind is attached to the Lord. Surrendering my mind, I have found peace.
  39. The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is Ambrosial Nectar; drinking it in, my thirst is quenched.
  40. My mind is attached to the One Lord; Nanak is saved through the Name of the Lord.
  41. Serve the Lord, who holds all powers and gifts.
  42. Meditate on the Lord – there is none, no other equal to him.
  43. Contemplate the Lord’s Name; the Lord shall deliver you in the end.
  44. I am a sacrifice to those who meditate on the Lord.
  45. Contemplate the One, destroyer of fear. The more you remember Him, the more you merge into Him.
  46. Enshrine the Lord’s Name within your heart. Do good deeds and live righteously.
  47. Worship the Lord in devotion forever. Everything happens according to His Will.
  48. Surrender your mind and body to the Guru’s Word. You shall obtain the fruits of your heart’s desires.
  49. The True Guru is the Giver of peace and joy. Conquer your own mind, and win the battle of life.
  50. The mind turned away from the world, and proceeded to the Lord’s Name. It obtained spiritual wisdom and meditation from the Perfect Guru.
  51. Meditating on the Lord, there are pleasures forever. Staying awake to the Lord, I sleep without fear or care.
  52. The True Guru has bestowed the Lord’s Teachings upon me. I have obtained my pre-destined reward.
  53. Darkness is dispelled, and the moon of wisdom has risen. Seeing it, my mind blossoms forth in abundance; I have beheld the Unseen Lord.
  54. My merchant ship has safely arrived after crossing the terrifying world-ocean. It has brought the wealth of the Name of the Lord.
  55. My tongue sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. The Lord absorbs into Himself those who are so pre-destined.
  56. The Lord’s Name is the reservoir of Nectar, the source of ecstasy. Drinking it in, all pains depart.
  57. The True Guru has given the healing ointment of spiritual wisdom, and dispelled the darkness of ignorance. My mind is enlightened and bright.
  58. I have now conquered my five passions. The Guru has blessed me with the Lord’s Name.
  59. My greed is gone; the fire has been extinguished, and I have found tranquility. My wandering mind has come to rest.
  60. The Perfect Guru has blessed me with the Lord’s Teachings. The demon of death no longer terrifies me.
  61. I have obtained the blissful vision of the Lord’s Darshan, meditating on Him within my heart. Wherever I look, there I see the Lord.
  62. The noose of Death is cut; all my pains are taken away. The Guru has blessed me with the Name of the Lord.
  63. True is His Congregation, and True is service to Him. Conquering egotism, I have met the Lord.
  64. I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, and I am absorbed into the True One. Eternal peace pervades within my mind.
  65. The Perfect True Guru has implanted the Naam within me. The Lord’s Name is my adoration and cleansing bath.
  66. The disease of ego has been erased. I have attained celestial peace and poise.
  67. I sing the Glorious Praises of the True Lord forever, and within my mind, I meditate on the Lord of infinite waves.
  68. God automatically does what is right. One who believes in Him becomes truthful.
  69. The Great Giver has given the intoxicating herb of Truth. Drinking it in, one becomes emancipated.
  70. Forever bow to the Creator Lord; abandon your life to Him. One who enshrines love for the Lord obtains His essence.
  71. There is only the One Lord and Master; there is no other at all. O Nanak, meditate on the Lord, and rise early to contemplate Him.
  72. Whoever You unite with Yourself, O Lord, is liberated. Through loving devotional worship, they eradicate self-conceit.
  73. The Lord’s humble servants place their faith in Him. Whoever listens and believes shall be saved.
  74. Prays Nanak, one who lives the Guru’s Teachings, becomes free of hopes and fears.
  75. Eat only that which fills your mind with purity.
  76. As are the company we keep, so become the fruits we reap.
  77. The rain fills the rivers and there they remain; but the rainwater that falls on the mountain, just rolls down to waste.
  78. Like the earth, the mind drinks everything in – good and bad. Man ultimately becomes of the quality of his deeds.
  79. The mind rules the house of the body; whatever it thinks, so the man becomes.
  80. What good is food, and what good are clothes, if the True Lord does not abide within the mind?
  81. True silence, true patience, true effort, true comfort and true goodness
  82. come not from mere words, but from wisdom, reality and the teachings of the Guru.
  83. All bodies are transitory, all habitats perishable. Only good deeds endure, and no one is able to erase them.
  84. Let self-control be the furnace, and patience the goldsmith.
  85. Let understanding be the anvil, and spiritual wisdom the tools.
  86. With the Fear of God as the bellows, fan the flames of tapa, the body’s inner heat.
  87. In the crucible of love, melt the Nectar of the Name,
  88. and mint the True Coin of the Shabad, the Word of God.
  89. Such is the karma of those upon whom He has cast His Glance of Grace. O Nanak, the Merciful Lord shall bless them.
  90. Purity of mind comes through association with those who are pure; not by resisting evil, but by seeing the Truth.
  91. When the True Guru is pleased, you do not need any other blessings. The fruits of the mind’s desires are obtained.
  92. One who has found the True Guru, the ocean of peace, does not go looking for peace anywhere else.
  93. By Guru’s Grace, the mind becomes immaculate; egotism and corruption are discarded.
  94. The Unstruck Melody of the Shabad vibrates, when one dwells in the home of the self deep within.
  95. One who sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord obtains Truth and contentment.
  96. One who fills the well within with the Lord’s Ambrosial Nectar obtains the sublime essence of reality.
  97. Contemplating the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, one crosses over the terrifying world-ocean.
  98. Within your heart, contemplate the Name of the Lord of the Universe, and the Name of no other.
  99. The True Name abides deep within the heart. How rare is that person who realizes it.
  100. The True Guru has revealed to me the Name of the Lord. My service has borne fruit.
  101. My mind chants the Name of the Lord, Har, Har. It is bhakti – loving devotion.
  102. O Nanak, immerse yourself in the Name, like the mute, who tastes the sweet candy, but cannot speak of its flavor.
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Powerful Gurbani Quotes

The timeless wisdom of the Sikh Gurus in Gurbani offers guidance to live fully and overcome life’s challenges. Here are some powerful gurbani quotes to awaken your spiritual wisdom:

  1. The world is burning in the fire of desire, in greed, arrogance and excessive ego.
  2. Stolen pleasures are worthless; they shall pass away in an instant, like a shadow.
  3. Attachment and pride are totally false. Truth cannot be described in words.
  4. Ambition leads people to become deceitful. The spiritually blind are emptied out by their greed.
  5. Pride goes before the fall – this play is so false! When the tumbling doll of the body falls, no one knows where the soul goes.
  6. The blind are foolish – why do they forget about death? They see death come upon others, but cling to hopes of living forever.
  7. The mind is fickle; no one trusts the mind. The mind cannot be restrained by anyone at all.
  8. Do not delay in doing good deeds; later, you will not have this opportunity.
  9. This whole world which you see is just a play, coming and going in a long line. No one can erase their past actions.
  10. Our ancestors’ lives were long, but yours is very brief. Night and day are passing – see this with your eyes!
  11. Know for sure that death will come; whatever is born shall pass away. Contemplate the Eternal Lord – you shall be at peace forever.
  12. You are intoxicated with Maya, but you cannot see the reality. Through 8.4 million incarnations you have wandered in doubt; how many births have passed in egotism and pride?
  13. Youth has passed and old age has taken its place, and the man has fallen into the grip of wickedness and corruption.
  14. One who practices falsehood comes and goes in reincarnation. When the body perishes, he is ruined by his own actions.
  15. One who has eaten the poison of corruption, dies, suffers in terrible pain, and wanders in even more horrifying hells.
  16. See that whoever is born, continues coming and going, over and over again. Only the devotee remains stable and permanent.
  17. Without the True Guru, no one finds the Way. The blind find no place of rest wandering around.
  18. Make the effort, and you shall live; practicing it, you shall enjoy peace.
  19. Without making the effort, what will you obtain? It will slip away, and you will regret and repent later.
  20. Death is hovering over your head; why are you asleep? Wake up, you ignorant fool!
  21. Remember the Eternal Lord in your heart, and renounce the entanglements of Maya.
  22. Eat only that which is pleasing to God. Let your mind remain in balanced restraint.
  23. O Nanak, this mind is saved through the One Name; contemplating the Guru, you shall be carried across.
  24. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the only permanent wealth; it abides in the heart forever. Without the Naam, there is no peace at all.
  25. The Naam is the boat, and the Guru is the boatman to ferry you across the terrifying world-ocean, through the waves and water.
  26. He Himself bestows it, and He Himself enshrines it within the mind. The Glory of the Naam abides deep within.
  27. Prays Nanak, He grants His Grace; He implants the Truth deep within the mind.
  28. Without the True Guru, no one has found Him; not through obstinacy or stubbornness. The True Guru implants the Naam, the Name of the Lord within.
  29. The Lord Himself has caused me to meet the True Guru; forever bow to the True Guru.
  30. Unto the Guru I bow forever and ever. The Guru unites in Union with the Lord.
  31. Meeting with my Friend, the True Guru, I have found God. My mind and body all blossom forth.
  32. The True Guru, in His Mercy, implanted the Naam within me; I have obtained the Nine Treasures.
  33. Wondrous and unique is devotional worship through the True Guru. Through Him, one obtains the glorious greatness of the Naam.
  34. Fruitful is the Blessed Vision, the Darshan, of those who meditate on the Lord’s Name. Granting forgiveness, the Lord unites them with Himself.
  35. The many ostentatious shows of Maya are useless; I stand mute, lovingly attuned to the True Lord.
  36. This body is false and fraudulent; whatever is seen is totally false.
  37. Our relatives and family are just actors in a play. Says Nanak, without the Name, everything is reduced to dust.
  38. The world is bound by its attachments to greed and corruption. It eats poison and speaks of Ambrosial Nectar.
  39. That humble being who contemplates the essence of reality is very rare.
  40. Our lives are short, our youth passes away, old age comes upon us quickly, and death swoops down suddenly.
  41. Those who meditate on the Eternal, Imperishable Lord find peace. Contemplating the True Lord, they become content.
  42. Make the effort to find satisfaction within yourself; do not look for it outside your own home.
  43. When someone slanders the Lord’s humble servant, he burns in the fire of his own anger.
  44. He Himself watches over all; He issues His Commands for each and every moment.
  45. The Lord Himself makes one dwell with the True Guru; this is the greatest good fortune of all.
  46. One who recognizes within himself that, “He is me”, and “I am Him”, remains absorbed in His Love.
  47. Eradicating self-conceit from within oneself, one merges in the Lord’s Name.
  48. One whose heart blossoms forth, sings the Glorious Praises of the Lord. The unstruck melody of the sound current vibrates for him.
  49. I have grown weary of making so many friends. No one is a true friend in the end.
  50. My wandering through 8.4 million incarnations has ended. The Merciful Lord showed His Mercy, and attached me to the hem of His robe.
  51. I have tasted the elixir of Truth, and now my mind is pleased and appeased. My light has merged into the Light.
  52. Meditate in remembrance on the Name of the Lord. This is the essence of wisdom of the four Vedas for Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.
  53. One who remembers the Merciful Lord, who gives to all beings in the universe, is sure to be emancipated.
  54. The True Name abides in the minds of those unto whom He has shown Mercy. Day and night, they are steeped in devotion and love.
  55. One who is blessed by His Grace, sings the Kirtan of the Lord’s Praises. Without the True Guru, the essence of reality is not realized.
  56. Deep within you is the Light of the Lord; It radiates throughout the expanse of His creation.
  57. No one is mine, and I belong to no one. Without the Guru’s teachings, one drinks poison and suffers in pain.
  58. The Guru has revealed the incomparably beautiful City of God; its value cannot be estimated.
  59. Meeting with the True Guru, one turns away from the world. In the heart-lotus, the Lord God dwells.
  60. By perfect destiny, I met Him, and in humility, I fall at His feet. The Guru, the Lord of the Universe, has saved me.
  61. My light has merged into the Light; my union is with the Lord. Meeting with the True Guru, this marriage shall not be broken.
  62. I praise the Praiseworthy Lord forever; what Vice has He committed? With love and devotional worship, I am a sacrifice to Him.
  63. My only Friend, the Guru, has been my Best Friend. He cuts away my bonds, and releases me from worldly entanglements.
  64. O Nanak, He Himself unites us in His Union. Serving the True Guru, one finds everlasting peace.

Strength Gurbani Quotes

Here are 70 Gurbani quotes to provide strength during difficult times:

  1. When you are confronted with terrible hardships, and no one offers you any support, when your friends turn into enemies, and even your relatives have deserted you, and when all support has given way, and all hope has been lost – if you then come to remember the Supreme Lord God, even the hot wind shall not touch you.
  2. Even if you are cut apart, piece by piece, you shall still not leave the Sanctuary of the Lord of the Universe.
  3. When you are overpowered by wanderings and wanderings, and when you are exhausted by your egotism, when you are afflicted by troubles over troubles, then, if you seek the Sanctuary of the Lord, the True Guru shall save you.
  4. Neither body, nor house, nor possessions shall go along with you. Rising up, the breath departs; falling down, dust mingles with dust.
  5. Our mothers, fathers, family, relatives, children and spouses do not go along with us. Only our good and bad deeds accompany us.
  6. Don’t worry so much – let go and accept whatever comes.
  7. No one knows the state and extent of God. Who can advise Him? No one can advise the Lord.
  8. The True Lord is permeating and pervading deep within all hearts. He sees us and hears us; He is always with us.
  9. God Himself, the Merciful Lord, knows His own state. No one can advise Him.
  10. God Himself saves His Saints. He Himself comes to their rescue.
  11. The Lord Himself protects and preserves His slaves. The Beloved Lord becomes the Sustenance of His Saints.
  12. God Himself is compassionate; the Merciful Lord Himself bestows His Mercy.
  13. The Perfect True Guru comes to meet those who have such pre-ordained destiny.
  14. By God’s Grace, we come to meet the True Guru. If He shows His Mercy, then we merge in Him.
  15. God comes to meet those who remember Him. Through the True Guru, He becomes their Helper.
  16. God Himself causes us to meet the True Guru. He alone knows the suffering of our minds.
  17. I have taken the Support of the Lord’s Lotus Feet; I am a sacrifice to the True Guru.
  18. The Name of the True Lord is my only Support. The Name of the Lord, Har, Har, is my only prop and support.
  19. I have come seeking the Sanctuary of the True Guru; attached to Him, I am saved.
  20. I sought out the Sanctuary of the Saints, and with their help, I shall certainly see my Lord God.
  21. O Siblings of Destiny, grasp the hem of the robe of the Lord, the Giver, who does what is right.
  22. Come, and let us meet together, O Saints; let us tell the tales of our True Lord.
  23. The Society of the Saints is so very pure and sacred. Meeting with them, doubt is taken away.
  24. Joining the Society of the Saints, I chant the Mantra of the Fearless, Formless Lord.
  25. The Saints are devoted lovers of the Lord Supreme. The Saints enjoy being with the Lord.
  26. The water is contained in the pitcher; obtaining the Blessed Vision of the Holy Saints, the Name comes to dwell within the mind.
  27. Searching and searching, I found a Sanctuary in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. I drink in the Ambrosial Nectar of the Naam.
  28. Do not worry – let go of your anxiety.
  29. I have hurried to Your Sanctuary, O my King; You are the Giver of peace to Nanak’s mind.
  30. O God, the Hope of all, the Giver of peace, all wisdom and understanding come from You.
  31. You alone know Your Glorious Greatness. You are contained in each and every heart.
  32. When the Lord becomes merciful, one obtains His devotional service.
  33. O Nanak, He Himself knows, He Himself acts. No one else understands Him.
  34. The True Guru taught me that He is Everything, present everywhere.
  35. God Himself is the Creator. There is no other Creator Lord.
  36. Renounce your cleverness and trickery. Let the Word of the Guru’s Shabad dwell in your mind.
  37. The True Lord Himself is the Giver. He alone prevails in the end.
  38. I am a sacrifice to the True Name. I am devoted and dedicated to the True One.
  39. The unseen and infinite Lord dwells deep within the heart. He cannot be seen; He is all-pervading everywhere.
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Blessing Good Morning Gurbani Quotes

Here are some inspiring good morning Gurbani quotes and verses to uplift your day:

  1. The son is dead, and the mother cries, “O my son, O my son!” Why does she weep? He is only sleeping in the earth’s lap – why does she cry so bitterly?
  2. When he was alive, she wished him to die, but now that he is dead, she cries and wails. She has forgotten her God.
  3. As long as the child remains alive, the mother hopes for its happiness. But when the child dies, she burns in the fire.
  4. When someone dies, the inheritance is shared, and the little ones fight over it. Through all the disputes and fights over it, the property finally disappears.
  5. They weep and wail over the dead body, but it hears nothing at all. I have seen with my eyes that this is how it is.
  6. When he was alive, no one gave him water; but when he died, two pitchers were carried in to wash his body.
  7. When he was alive, the poor man shook with cold; when he died, garments of silk were put upon him.
  8. Your weeping and wailing is of no use. This weeping and wailing is all for show.
  9. The departed soul cries out, “No one has seen me here. I see all, but no one sees me.”
  10. When he fell seriously ill, the Pandit was sent for. The unreal remained with the unreal.
  11. When the son was alive, he did not care for his father. But when the son died, the father mourned for him.
  12. When the sparrow-hawk was still alive, it did not honor other sparrows. But when it died, a thousand sparrows came to mourn its death.
  13. When her husband was alive, the widow did not sleep well. But when her husband died, upon her bed she grew further away from him.
  14. As long as the person is alive, he is instructed to chant and meditate. But when he dies, no one cares for him.
  15. When he was alive, he did not know peace and harmony. But when he was dead, the crowds came in hordes to view his body.
  16. When he was alive, he applied himself to Sri Chand’s tricks and deceits, but when he died, he remained behind at Kashi.
  17. As long as there is life in the body, the kindred continues coming to see the mortal. But when the breath of life departs from the body, then they say, “Take his body out!”
  18. The living beings of the world make all sorts of efforts to keep their bodies alive. But when death hangs over their heads, no one can save them.
  19. When he is alive, he is attached to everything. But when he dies, the people say, “Take his body out!”
  20. When he is alive, he is intoxicated with Maya. But when he dies, the swan-souls depart without him.
  21. Children, friends, family and relatives are all left behind. He obtains the rewards of his own actions.
  22. As long as the person is alive, he enjoys all sorts of tastes and pleasures. But when he dies, he tastes only dust.
  23. Death does not distinguish between young children and old people. The hungry Messenger of Death grabs whoever it can.
  24. It is only the death of evil-mindedness, that is the death of real righteousness. To kill such evil-mindedness is true life.
  25. Contemplate this reality: without God, the body is false. Why do you stare at this false body?
  26. When death seizes this human body, no one knows the mystery of where the soul goes.
  27. If the relatives weep, seeing a person standing over a dead body, what good does their weeping do?
  28. Mother, father, spouse, and child one is anyone’s own. Practicing egotism, they weep for others.
  29. At the very last moment, one who thinks of wealth, and dies in such thoughts, shall be reincarnated over and over again, as a serpent.
  30. The body is false, but they cling to it; they sit and cry over it. The self-willed manmukhs lose their honor and cry in pain.
  31. This body rolls in the dust and is totally useless. But it becomes priceless if the Name of the Lord abides within the heart.
  32. When someone dies, he is no longer satiated with that body; the soul departs, sad at heart.
  33. Countless consolations and congratulations are spoken, but the consoled one turns to dust.
  34. When someone dies, they sing his praises and offer many congratulations. But back in the home, the lamp of his body has been extinguished.
  35. When someone dies, they sing his praises and offer many congratulations. But the hunger within does not depart by mere words.
  36. His brothers, relatives, and siblings are sad. Within his body, his soul is detained.
  37. Except for the One Lord, he places his hopes in all other homes. But the evil-minded Messenger of Death does not spare him.
  38. They weep bitterly over that grave, but he, the departed, does not hear their weeping.
  39. The mortal departs, only when he is forgiven. Without being forgiven, he obtains only more punishment.
  40. When the person dies, then he understands. Without understanding, what use is it to mourn?
  41. The body is burned in the fire, and it turns to dust. The soul rises up and goes out sighing.
  42. He causes the body to grow and preserves it in the fire. The Hukam of God’s Command cannot be erased.
  43. The self-willed manmukh has lived his life, but he did not realize the True Name. He has wasted this human life and lost this chance.
  44. Rise up before dawn to sing God’s Glories and meditate on His Name. Make this your everyday routine and way of life.
  45. Listen, my beloved friend: my soul yearns for the Blessed Vision of God’s Darshan. Make that the time when God comes into my mind.
  46. The life-night is coming to its end, and the sun is rising. Be wakeful and watchful, my beloved.
  47. The hours, minutes, and seconds are passing away; O my thoughtless and foolish mind, why are you sleeping unaware?
  48. Make the effort, and chant the Lord’s Name before sunrise. It shall bring you liberation.
  49. Joining the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy, you shall become absolutely pure, and the noose of death shall be cut away.
  50. O my mind, vibrate on the True, Perfect Guru, day and night. Center your consciousness on the True Word of the Shabad.
  51. One who remembers the Merciful Lord in the early hours of the morning and night obtains comfort, peace, and joy.
  52. Praise the True One, who permeates each and every heart in the early hours before dawn. The Lord Himself causes His Name to be chanted.
  53. Meditate on the Name of the Lord each day, O my beloved. It shall be your continual joy and peace.
  54. O Nanak, if one remains awake and aware in the Love of the Lord, the One appears Beautiful and Radiant.
  55. I awake in peace and poise, repairing to Your Feet, O God. Night and day, I am filled with bliss; I sing Your Glorious Praises forever.
  56. Meditating, vibrating upon my God each and every morning, I live, O mother!
  57. Hearing, chanting, listening to Your Glory each day, I find eternal peace, O God.
  58. When she arises in the ambrosial hours of the morning, she remembers her Beloved; her mind is filled with His Love.
  59. Getting up, sitting down, sleeping, and eating – whatever you do, with each and every breath, meditate in remembrance of the Lord.
  60. Dwelling upon the Lord each day, night, and morning, the Name of the Lord becomes one’s saving grace.
  61. In the early hours before dawn, I meditate in remembrance of the Lord’s Name; I arise and go out, seeking the dust of the feet of the Saints.
  62. One who meditates on my God each and every morning is not afflicted by the Messenger of Death.
  63. Meditating on Him in remembrance, one abides in peace; one’s voice becomes sweet, chanting His Name.
  64. Meditating in remembrance of my Lord and Master, all desires are fulfilled.
  65. Meditating each and every morning on the Supreme Transcendent Lord, I rise and go to work for what He has assigned me.
  66. Meditating, meditating in remembrance of my Lord God, I have found the Perfect Transcendent Lord.
  67. Meditating in remembrance of my Beloved, I have become like Him.
  68. Meditating on the Naam, the Name of the Lord of the Universe, I have found the Sanctuary of the Saint.
  69. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, my mind is embellished. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, I find peace.
  70. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, my doubts have been cast out. Meditating, my mind has become supremely joyful.
  71. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, I have become fearless. Meditating, meditating in remembrance, my sufferings have come to an end.
  72. Meditating in remembrance of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har, one becomes Jivan Mukta – liberated while yet alive.
  73. Meditating in remembrance of the One in the early hours before dawn, one is rid of pain and poverty.
  74. In the early hours before dawn, meditate on the One Universal Creator, and hold your consciousness steady.
  75. Awake at Amrit vela and sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord. Make this your daily routine instead of sleeping.
  76. When the rays of the sun begin to shine, contemplate the Lord’s Name with love. It shall bring you everlasting peace.
  77. The darkness of spiritual ignorance is dispelled by focusing your consciousness on the Lord each morning.
  78. Make the effort to rise before dawn and meditate on the True Name. It shall cleanse the filth from countless lifetimes.
  79. When the sun rises, sing the Lord’s Praises and feel His Divine Light in your heart. Darkness and doubt shall vanish.
  80. The ambrosial hours of the morning are blessed. Use this precious time to center your mind on the Eternal Lord.
  81. The early hours of the morning bring tranquility and purity. Awake and drink the Nectar of Naam through Gurmat.
  82. The birds sing sweet melodies before dawn in praise of the Creator. Listen and fill your mind with His Divine Love.
  83. Before the rays of the sun sparkle across the sky, awaken your consciousness to meet your Beloved Lord.
  84. Each blessed morning is a new beginning. Wake up and feel His presence within your heart.
  85. The darkness is dispelled and the light of wisdom dawns. Arise each day to meet the Divine Guru within.
  86. When the ambrosial hours arrive, lovingly remember the One who endures forever. The True Lord shall bless you with joy.
  87. The nectarous hours of the morning are for singing the eternal Glories of the Timeless One.
  88. Awaken your mind from its sleep before sunrise. Remember the Name of God and feel peace within.
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Marriage Gurbani Wedding Quotes

Here are some marriage gurbani quotes from Sri Guru Granth Sahib to uplift a wedding ceremony:

  1. They alone are known as united, who have one light in their minds. They have one light, and they have one love. They contemplate the True Name, and the mind and body are satisfied.
  2. You are the raft to carry me across the terrifying world-ocean. Meeting with the Divine Guru, I have avoided disaster.
  3. When you came into the world, what did you bring? You shall depart empty-handed; think of the Name of the Lord!
  4. This cherished body of yours shall perish. Know this for certain in your mind. After death, this body shall be reduced to ashes.
  5. Forsaking the jewel of your mind, you chase after a shell. You are deluded; you do not understand that it is worthless!
  6. I have seen and tested all relationships are the worst! Know this well, O Nanak, without the Lord’s Name, no one’s dealings are good at all.
  7. Mother, father, friends, children, and relatives-no one is the support of anyone else. For each and every person, their own deeds are their only support.
  8. The One Lord Himself is the One and Only. He Himself is Infinite and Incomparably Beautiful. He Himself is All-pervading, Unapproachable and Unfathomable.
  9. Tell me, O Pandit, O religious scholar: which intellect understands God’s Creative Potency and His Light?
  10. Serve your True Guru, and by your actions, cross over the terrifying world-ocean. Through the Word of the Shabad, you shall obtain intuitive peace and poise from your True Guru, O Siblings of Destiny.
  11. The True Lord unites us with Himself. He Himself resolves all our affairs.
  12. I am a sacrifice to those who sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord, forever and ever. Through the Word of the Guru’s Shabad, they meditate on the Lord God.
  13. Joining together, O Lord’s humble servants, chant the Name of the Lord, Raam, Raam. Chant the One Pure Word of the Shabad and the ambrosial Name of the Lord.
  14. The Celestial Lord, Har, Har, has ordained that you shall be a partner with your Beloved. He Himself shall unite you with Him.
  15. Those united by the True Guru shall never be separated again. They come and go together, through birth and death.
  16. The Lord Himself is permeating all; He Himself is pervading everywhere. Wherever I look, there I see the Lord.
  17. The mentality of ‘mine and yours’ has been eradicated, since I came to look alike upon pleasure and pain.
  18. One who dies in the Shabad and conquers his mind – blessed is the mother who gave birth to him.
  19. Listen, my dear beloved friends and siblings: without the Lord’s Name, there is no salvation.
  20. By Your Command, we merge into Your Being. By Your Command, we are born, and we grow. By Your Command, we lovingly dwell on You. By Your Command, we receive what is pre-ordained.
  21. I shall now serve my Lord God and spread His Greatness. I place my faith in my Lord and Master, the King, the Protector of the world.
  22. My fascination and involvement with Maya is now gone. My mind is attached to the Lord’s Lotus Feet. My duties and my responsibilities have now ended.
  23. When someone slanders her Husband Lord, she suffers in pain. Then, wasted away with the pain of separation from Him, she regrets and repents.
  24. This world is engrossed in sexual desire, anger, greed, attachment, and egotism. My True Guru is liberated from these powerfully enticing desires.
  25. In duality and evil-mindedness, the soul-bride finds no peace; she obtains the Profit of the Naam when she meets the Perfect True Guru.
  26. The body of the soul-bride is illuminated and bright; when her Husband Lord comes home, her courtyard is embellished.
  27. God is eternal and unchanging, forever and ever; He does not come and go, appearing and disappearing. All-pervading everywhere, He always exists.
  28. Meeting the True One, O Nanak, I have become carefree and independent. My Husband Lord dwells within; He is Mysterious and Inscrutable.
  29. My light merges into Your Light, and my four ages are gone. Analyzing it, I have found that this is a sublime, esteemed, and pure state of affairs.
  30. The One Spiritual Awakener awakens my sleeping mind. I am a sacrifice, a sacrifice to my True Guru.
  31. O my Beloved God, please, bless me with Your Glance of Grace. Without You, O my Husband Lord, who can I tell of my pain?
  32. I am fascinated by Your Love, so blest am I to have met the True Guru! I shall meet my True Beloved Lord God by serving the True Guru.
  33. Make the Fear and Love of God, the Husband Lord, your decorations, O bride. The music of the unstruck sound current will resound and vibrate within your mind.
  34. All the beings and creatures of the world continue coming. Human life alone is blessed with the opportunity to love the Lord.
  35. Joining together, O my Siblings of Destiny, serve the One Lord and praise the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Sing the Eternal, Unchanging Word of the Shabad.
  36. The True Lord dwells within the mind. He blesses us with the realization of the True Word of the Shabad. I am a sacrifice to the True Guru.
  37. The Great Giver is alive forever. He does not come or go; He remains steady and stable. O Nanak, by His bountiful blessings, meditate on God.
  38. Celebrate, make merry, and sing God’s Glories. Forever and ever, dwell upon the Lord. The True Guru has taught me this.
  39. The Lord Himself inspires us to obey the Hukam of His Command. Eternal peace and bliss come from singing forever the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
  40. One whose mind accepts the Company of the True Guru merges imperceptibly into the Lord.
  41. Wherever the praises of the True Lord are sung, the Lord’s Presence is close at hand. The minds of those who sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord are filled with ecstasy.
  42. Sing the Praises, sing the Glories of the Lord of the Universe forever and ever. Meeting the True Guru, I have become fearless and carefree.
  43. I have enshrined the Lotus Feet of my Lord Deep within myself. The True Guru has attached me to the hem of His robe.
  44. All beings and creatures belong to God. The One who created them nurtures and cherishes them.
  45. I have come to Your Sanctuary, O my Perfect True Guru; place me on Your Path. The True Guru implants the Naam within.
  46. Listen, O dear beloved friends, Saints: without the Lord, there is no salvation.
  47. Forever and ever, blossom forth in bliss. Dwell forever and ever upon God. By great good fortune, I have found the Company of the True Guru.
  48. The True Guru has united me in Union with the Lord, the Life of the World. The fire of egotism within me has been quenched.
  49. I fall at the feet of those persons, who have enshrined love for my Beloved Lord.
  50. My God is forever fresh and new. He never grows old. Everything belongs to Him.
  51. I am Yours, You are my Lord and Master. Please, bless me with Your Mercy – this is my heartfelt prayer.
  52. The True Guru has dispelled my darkness and ignorance. Deep within, my body-village has become pure.
  53. So make Him your Husband Lord, Who will never die. Night and day, enshrine Him within your heart.
  54. Renounce your cleverness and trickery. Serve Him day and night. Surrender your body, mind, wealth, and everything.
  55. I have been searching for the Saints; I have seen the Saints, and they have liberated me.
  56. The mind is engrossed in great pride, stubborn pride. But I touch the feet of those who know the True Lord.
  57. I bow to Him, I humbly bow. The Primal One is the True Lord. He Himself is Infinite and Endless.
  58. My True Guru is absolutely True. He has eradicated hypocrisy and doubt.
  59. Following the Guru’s Teachings, I dwell on the One Lord. I drink in the One Ambrosial Nectar and taste the various pleasures.

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