Sundays are a great day to relax and have some fun! Here are lots of funny quotes about Sundays to make you smile.

Funny Sunday Quotes

  1. “Sunday is my day. My favorite day. Mine.”
  2. “Sundays should come with a pause button.”
  3. “It’s Sunday! Only one more day until the weekend…wait.”
  4. “Sunday is the day I try to forget that Monday is a thing.”
  5. “Sunday, the day I eat all the chocolate to prepare for Monday.”
  6. “Dear Sunday, please go slower. Sincerely, everyone.”
  7. “Sunday is the best day to do nothing and then rest afterward.”
  8. “Sunday is like a superhero that saves weekends at the last minute.”
  9. “Sunday is the day I pretend Monday doesn’t exist.”
  10. “Sunday to do list: Nothing. Check!”
  11. “Sunday mornings are like a free trial of retirement.”
  12. “Sundays were made for pajamas, pillows, and pancakes.”
  13. “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.” – Proverb
  14. “When Sunday comes I’m just like, Monday who?”
  15. “Sunday is the perfect day to be lazy together.”
  16. “Sunday is the day I change my morning alarm to ‘you’ve got to be kidding me.'”
  17. “Sunday is the day I remember all the things I forgot to do on Saturday.”
  18. “Sunday: a day to get stuff done…tomorrow.”
  19. “Sunday is the only day when procrastinating is actually called relaxing.”
  20. “Sunday motto: No alarm clocks allowed.”
  21. “Sunday is a great day to catch up on sleep from the rest of the week.”
  22. “Sundays = no pants days”
  23. “On Sundays I count how many hours are left until Friday.”
  24. “Sunday is play day. Monday is pray day.”
  25. “Sunday, a day that validates the choice of oversized pyjamas.”
  26. “Sunday, the best day for extra strong coffee and extra long naps.”
  27. “Sunday is a mood: Do nothing, but make it count.”
  28. “Sunday, the perfect day for spontaneous dance sessions in the kitchen.”
  29. “Sunday, the day I count how many biscuits are left until Friday.”
  30. “Sundays, the perfect day to ponder the meaning of life (and biscuits).”
  31. “Sundays are for pancakes, then pancakes, followed by more pancakes.”
  32. “Sunday, the day when jogging bottoms become my best friend.”
  33. “Sunday, the day I plan (and fail) to clean my house.”
  34. “Sunday, the day I pretend I’m sorting my life out.”
  35. “Sunday, the day I get excited about the leftover pizza in the fridge.”
  36. “Sunday, the day I do one productive thing and call it a day.”
  37. “Sunday, the day I binge-watch my favourite series without guilt.”
  38. “Sunday, the day my pets become my only conversation partners.”
  39. “On Sunday, I wake up early to do nothing in particular.”
  40. “Sunday, the day I forget what day it is.”
  41. “Sunday, the perfect day for self-care and self-pizza.”
  42. “Sunday, the day I remember to water my plants (hopefully).”
  43. “Sunday, the day I check my work email, then promptly ignore it.”
  44. “Sunday, the day I dream about Friday.”
  45. “Sunday, the day I attempt to do yoga and end up napping on the mat.”
  46. “Sunday, the day where my to-do list includes ‘be lazy.'”
  47. “Sundays are for online shopping… and regretting it on Monday.”
  48. “Sunday, the day I catch up on sleep and snacks.”
  49. “Sunday, the day I spend more time in my bed than out of it.”
  50. “Sunday, the day I realise just how many books I’ve yet to read.”
  51. “Sunday, the day I master the art of doing nothing at all.”
  52. “Sundays are for tea, toast, and tranquillity.”
  53. “Sunday, the day I become a culinary genius with leftovers.”
  54. “Sundays, perfect for long walks that somehow end at the ice cream shop.”
  55. “Sunday, the day I refuse to leave my cosy duvet cocoon.”
  56. “Sunday, the day I question why weekends aren’t longer.”
  57. “Sunday, the best day for pretending tomorrow isn’t Monday.”
  58. “Sunday, the perfect day for a marathon… of my favourite films.”
  59. “Sundays are for ignoring the laundry and enjoying the laughter.”
  60. “Sunday, the only day where my biggest decision is tea or coffee.”
  61. “Sunday, the day for unplanned adventures and unforgettable memories.”
  62. “Sunday, the day where I’m an aspiring gardener… in my dreams.”
  63. “Sunday, the day I forget about diets and treat myself.”
  64. “Sunday, the day I pretend to have a social life.”
  65. “Sunday, the day I transform into a professional napper.”
  66. “Sundays are for contemplating life choices… like extra dessert.”
  67. “Sunday, the day when I remember life’s too short for bad wine.”
  68. “Sunday, the day where I’m an amateur philosopher over a cup of coffee.”
  69. “Sunday, the day I tell myself I’ll start the diet… next week.”
  70. “Sundays are the perfect day to be fashionably lazy.”
  71. “Sunday, the day where time slows and worries fade.”
  72. “Sunday, the day I remember that life is beautiful, especially with biscuits.”
  73. “Sunday, the day my pyjamas never felt more comfortable.”
  74. “Sunday, the day I appreciate the small joys in life.”
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Funny Sunday Quotes for Work

  1. “My weekdays are all booked up. Let’s pretend it’s Sunday.”
  2. “Sunday work vibes: I’ll do it manana.”
  3. “Sunday productivity at work: I’ve mastered the skill of looking very busy while doing nothing.”
  4. “Happy Monday! Just kidding, today feels like a Sunday.”
  5. “Conference call on a Sunday? Who do you think I am, someone dedicated to my job?”
  6. “I want to speak to Sunday’s manager about why weekends go by so fast.”
  7. “Me on Sunday morning: I’ll start fresh on Monday! Me on Monday: It’s basically still Sunday.”
  8. “Sunday Scaries: The feeling before going back to work after a weekend.”
  9. “Sunday work uniform: sweats, Netflix, snacks.”
  10. “My out of office reply for Sundays is permanently set to ‘It can wait until Monday.'”
  11. “Sundays at work are just like Sundays at home except less fun and more emails.”
  12. “Sorry, I don’t check email on Sundays. I’ll get back to you never.”
  13. “Sundays were made for naps, not deadline reports.”
  14. “Doing work on a Sunday should be illegal.”
  15. “Sunday QA Checklist: 1. Am I wearing pants? No. 2. Am I being productive? Absolutely not.”
  16. “Me on Sunday nights realizing I have work the next day: Ugh, responsibilities.”
  17. “Sunday workdays be like: Is it Friday yet?”
  18. “My Sundays are 100% work free. Try again Monday.”
  19. “Warning: Any work sent on a Sunday will be ignored until further notice.”
  20. “Sundays are for napping. Emails will be tossed directly into the trash.”
  21. “To do on Sunday: Nothing related to work. The end.”
  22. “Sunday office attire: pajamas. No exceptions.”
  23. “Sundays are for recharging, not responding to emails.”
  24. “Sundays were made for binge-watching shows, not meetings.”
  25. “Sunday work motto: Ask me about it tomorrow.”
  26. “Sunday work tip: Don’t.”
  27. “Sunday mornings were designed for lie-ins, not log-ins.”
  28. “Sunday’s to-do work list: 1. Ignore it. 2. Continue ignoring it.”
  29. “Sunday: The one day of the week my laptop doesn’t recognize me.”
  30. “Sunday work emails, I’ll reply on Monday… or maybe Tuesday.”
  31. “Sunday checklist: 1. Pajamas. 2. Coffee. 3. Absolutely no work.”
  32. “Sunday work? I thought we agreed on no cruel and unusual punishment.”
  33. “Work on Sunday is a crime against the sacred tradition of doing nothing.”
  34. “Remember, checking work emails on Sunday is a slippery slope to a ruined weekend.”
  35. “Work on Sunday? Sorry, I have a standing appointment with my couch.”
  36. “Sunday: The work-free zone. Trespassers will be ignored.”
  37. “Sunday productivity tip: Save energy… for Monday.”
  38. “Sunday work policy: If it can’t be done in pajamas, it’s not happening today.”
  39. “Sunday: The only day when ‘I’m busy’ means ‘I’m in my pajamas watching telly.'”
  40. “Sunday work email response: ‘Error 404: Worker not found.'”
  41. “Sunday work plan: Wake up, do nothing, go to bed.”
  42. “Sunday’s forecast: 100% chance of ignoring all work-related tasks.”
  43. “Work on Sunday? Sorry, my weekend is on a two-day business trip.”
  44. “Sunday work motto: ‘Unavailable until further notice.'”
  45. “Sunday work? I have a strict policy of not mixing business with leisure.”
  46. “Work on Sunday? I seem to have developed a sudden allergic reaction.”
  47. “Sunday work? Not on my watch… which I conveniently forgot to wear today.”
  48. “Sunday: The one day when my work phone magically transforms into a coaster.”
  49. “Working on Sunday feels like trying to run underwater. Pointless and exhausting.”
  50. “Sunday work mantra: ‘I’ll deal with it tomorrow.’ Every Sunday.”

Short Funny Sunday Quotes

  1. “Easy like Sunday morning.”
  2. “Sunday funday.”
  3. “Sleep in, it’s Sunday!”
  4. “Sundays = self-care days.”
  5. “Hakuna Matata – it means no worries, it’s Sunday!”
  6. “Sunday vibes only.”
  7. “Too blessed to be stressed on a Sunday.”
  8. “Sunday snuggles.”
  9. “Just chillin’ on a Sunday.”
  10. “Sunday comfy clothes.”
  11. “Sunday funday with my bae.”
  12. “Loving lazy Sundays.”
  13. “Sunday chill mode: activated.”
  14. “Sunday blues? More like Sunday snooze.”
  15. “Sunday = family fun day.”
  16. “Lazy Sunday afternoons are the best.”
  17. “Sunday pamper day.”
  18. “Sunday adventures.”
  19. “Resting on this blessed Sunday.”
  20. “Renewal Sunday.”
  21. “Sunday = self-care & snacks.”
  22. “Sunday vibes.”
  23. “Sunday bliss.”
  24. “Sunday snuggles with my loves.”
  25. “Sunday sofa snugs.”
  26. “Sunday: the day I pretend to organize my life.”
  27. “Sunday: the unofficial pyjama day.”
  28. “Bloody Mary Sundays.”
  29. “Sunday, sweet Sunday.”
  30. “Sunday: my excuse for breakfast in bed.”
  31. “Sundays, meant for living slow.”
  32. “Sundays: No alarm clock allowed.”
  33. “Sunday checklist: Nothing.”
  34. “Sunday: the day leftover pizza becomes breakfast.”
  35. “Sundays are for cuddles.”
  36. “Sundays: the day I plan a lot but actually do very little.”
  37. “Sunday: a day of rest (and by rest, I mean Netflix).”
  38. “Sundays are for sipping tea and reading good books.”
  39. “Sunday Funday in my PJs.”
  40. “Sofa Sunday.”
  41. “Sunny Sunday walks.”
  42. “Super chilled Sundays.”
  43. “Sunday soul day.”
  44. “Sunday: When time slows down.”
  45. “Sunday: The day of the duvet.”
  46. “Sundays mean family time.”
  47. “Sunday: officially the best day of the week.”
  48. “Sunday: Life’s pause button.”
  49. “Sunday: a day to refuel your soul.”
  50. “Self-love Sunday.”
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Humor funny sunday quotes

  1. “Sunday, the perfect day for a good laugh!”
  2. “Start your Sunday with a smile, it’s contagious!”
  3. “Laughter is the best therapy, especially on a Sunday!”
  4. “Sunday: the day to laugh, relax, and recharge.”
  5. “A Sunday well-spent brings a week of content and laughter!”
  6. “Nothing beats a good joke on a lazy Sunday.”
  7. “Sunday Funday: time for laughter and good vibes.”
  8. “Funny Sunday quotes to brighten up your day!”
  9. “Laughter is the sunshine on a Sunday afternoon.”
  10. “Sunday: the day for laughter, love, and lazy moments.”
  11. “Sunday vibes: laughter, relaxation, and good times.”
  12. “Sunday: the day to laugh until your cheeks hurt!”
  13. “Funny Sunday quotes to kickstart your day with a smile!”
  14. “Sunday: the perfect day to find joy in the simplest things and laugh along.”
  15. “A Sunday without laughter is a day wasted.”
  16. “Sunday: the day to laugh at your own jokes, even if no one else does!”
  17. “Funny Sunday quotes to add some humor to your day.”
  18. “Sunday: the day to laugh off the stress of the week.”
  19. “Laughter is the secret ingredient for a perfect Sunday.”
  20. “Sunday Funday: let the laughter begin!”
  21. “Funny Sunday quotes to make your day brighter.”
  22. “Sunday: the day to fill your heart with laughter and your soul with joy.”
  23. “Laughter is the best accessory for a lazy Sunday.”
  24. “Sunday vibes: laughter, relaxation, and a little bit of silliness.”
  25. “Funny Sunday quotes to bring a smile to your face.”
  26. “Sunday: the day to embrace laughter and forget about worries.”
  27. “Laughter is the music of a lazy Sunday.”
  28. “Sunday Funday: where laughter and happiness collide.”
  29. “Funny Sunday quotes to make your weekend even more enjoyable.”
  30. “Sunday: the day to laugh out loud and let go of all the seriousness.”
  31. “A Sunday well-spent includes plenty of laughter and good company.”
  32. “Sunday: the day to find humor in the ordinary.”
  33. “Funny Sunday quotes to brighten up your mood.”
  34. “Sunday: where laughter and relaxation go hand in hand.”
  35. “Laughter is the best side dish for a Sunday feast.”
  36. “Sunday Funday: time for laughter and creating lasting memories.”
  37. “Funny Sunday quotes to keep you entertained all day long.”
  38. “Sunday: the day to laugh until your stomach hurts.”
  39. “A Sunday without laughter is like a cup of tea without sugar.”
  40. “Sunday vibes: laughter, love, and a little bit of mischief.”
  41. “Funny Sunday quotes to make your day a little lighter.”
  42. “Sunday: the day to giggle, snort, and embrace your inner child.”
  43. “Laughter is the key ingredient for a perfect Sunday recipe.”
  44. “Sunday Funday: where laughter knows no bounds.”
  45. “Funny Sunday quotes to make your weekend unforgettable.”
  46. “Sunday: the day to laugh at life’s little absurdities.”
  47. “Sunday vibes: laughter, relaxation, and a good dose of silliness.”
  48. “Funny Sunday quotes to bring joy to your day.”
  49. “Sunday: the day to let loose and laugh without restrictions.”
  50. “Laughter is the best companion for a lazy Sunday.”
  51. “Sunday Funday: where laughter is the main attraction.”

Hilarious Sunday Funny Quotes

  1. “I love Sundays because they feel like a big stretch before Monday punches you in the face.”
  2. “Sunday is the day to do nothing and everything at the same time.”
  3. “Sunday: The only day you can wear pajamas all day and no one bats an eye.”
  4. “Ah, Sunday! The day you realize how much procrastination you can fit into one day.”
  5. “On Sundays, even my coffee needs a coffee.”
  6. “Ah, Sunday… A day of rest. Rest of laundry, rest of cooking, rest of cleaning…”
  7. “Why does Sunday night always feel like you’re on the losing end of a weekend-long game of hide and seek?”
  8. “Sunday: The calm before the Storm… called Monday.”
  9. “Sunday: When my ‘To-do list’ is longer than the Harry Potter series.”
  10. “The ‘S’ in Sunday stands for ‘Should do something but really won’t’.”
  11. “Sunday: The day of the week when productivity goes to die.”
  12. “I swear, the weekend gremlins steal my Sundays.”
  13. “I’ve got 99 problems, and they all start with Monday coming after Sunday.”
  14. “Sunday: The day you find out that the ‘cricket’ noise was actually your dryer.”
  15. “Sundays are like confetti floating in the air in slow motion, in the evening they reach the ground and you hope a bit of wind could blow them away.”
  16. “Sunday checklist: Do nothing & chill. Done.”
  17. “Sunday forecast: Lazy with a 90% chance of Netflix.”
  18. “Sunday is like the unicorn of weekdays. No one believes it’s real until it’s gone.”
  19. “That Sunday feeling. Like the end of the world, but with brunch.”
  20. “Nothing messes up your Friday like realizing it’s only Sunday.”
  21. “Sunday. A day to refuel your soul and be grateful for your blessings.”
  22. “Why is Sunday so far from Friday and Friday so near to Monday?”
  23. “Sunday should be renamed to ‘move a little slower day’.”
  24. “Do not disturb. It’s Sunday.”
  25. “Sunday should come with a pause button.”
  26. “Sundays. Sleep until you’re hungry. Then eat until you’re sleepy.”
  27. “Sunday, please never leave me.”
  28. “Sunday is the golden clasp that binds together the volume of the week.”
  29. “I haven’t been this excited about Sunday since last Sunday.”
  30. “Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week.”
  31. “Sunday checklist: Do nothing & chill…Done.”
  32. “There is always something new to learn and feel each Sunday.”
  33. “Three of the worst words to hear… ‘Tomorrow is Monday’.”
  34. “I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday.”
  35. “My Saturday was going pretty well until I realized it was Sunday.”
  36. “Sunday is my official LAZY DAY.”
  37. “Does anyone else smell that? I do believe it’s the nasty stench of Monday coming on…”
  38. “Doesn’t it make you feel better, every Sunday night, to know that God’s on your side?”
  39. “My Sunday night anxiety is kicking in. It’s like the Sunday blues are always fighting in.”
  40. “My entire Sunday is sleep and then sleep.”
  41. “Why should I do anything? It’s Sunday.”
  42. “Sunday blues are cured by making the brave decision to relax and let the day happen.”
  43. “Sunday is a time when you sit back and reflect on all the blessings that you have received.”
  44. “Sunday is your best day. You know you had an amazing week. Time to recover and think how you gonna kill the next one.”
  45. “Sundays are for warm evenings, cuddling and flavored tea. Happy Sunday.”
  46. “A productive Sunday is the Sunday when you felt and learned something new.”
  47. “Let this Sunday be a rainbow for the entire upcoming week! Shine & smile!”
  48. “Sunday is the perfect day to refuel your soul and to be grateful for each and every one of your blessings.”
  49. “It’s Sunday, therefore I am 100% motivated to do nothing today!”
  50. “I spent a year in that town, one Sunday.”
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Sundays offer a unique blend of relaxation, rejuvenation, and a sprinkle of humour. It’s the ideal moment to pause from our daily routines, share a laugh or two, and cherish the beauty of doing nothing.

Take this time to recharge, reconnect, and prepare for the week ahead, all while embracing a touch of lightheartedness. Remember, a well-spent Sunday brings contentment that lasts throughout the week. So, indulge in these delightful quotes, let a smile grace your face, and enjoy a carefree Sunday.

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