Frog Puns: Frogs are amphibians, which means they can live on land or in water. They’re also one of the few animals who can survive in both environments. Frogs are known for their absurdly high I.Q. Level, and their ability to adapt to almost any situation. This makes them excellent pets for anyone with a sense of humor.

And since they can live in both water and land, there are plenty of opportunities to play off their dual nature with clever wordplay. That’s what we did here with these frog puns. They’re perfect for parties, picnics, or as conversation starters with friends and family.

Frog Puns

1. Look, it’s a frog, sitting on a log, staring at a lake with no water in it.

2. He’s so cute and furry, I think he might be from Mars.

3. Frog, why do you look so sad? I think you need to hop around a bit.

4. Frogs croak.

5. I wish I could croak.

6. I think I’m starting to learn how to croak.

7. I don’t want to learn how to croak.

8. I am so frogtized.

9. He can’t even croak without making a noise.

10. That is such a good croak joke.

11. I think he’s starting to learn how to croak.

12. A frog is just an anagram for “food.”

13. A frog is just a log for “logical.”

14. Frogs have very little sense of humor.

15. That’s not a frog. It’s a log.

16. Frogs jump around looking for a mate.

17. I wish I could frogulate myself.

18. Jumping frogs everywhere.

19. Frog in the pot, boil over.

20. You can have the first dance with a frog on your shoulder.

21. You are truly a onelegged frog.

22. If a frog hops across your path, it’s only because he wants to tell you something.

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23. Don’t be a dummy, pay attention to the frogs around you.

24. A onelegged frog will hop just as hard as a twolegged frog.

25. I want to go frogleaping everywhere.

26. A frog in your throat can stop your heart.

27. A frog in your throat can choke you to death.

28. Frog juice is an aphrodisiac to my libido.

29. All I want for Christmas is some frog friends!

30. If you’re going to put up or shut up, at least put up some frog memes.

31. It ain’t getting any lovin’ from me unless it has some frog friends.

32. I don’t care if it takes a few frogs… make it happen!

33. Frog eyes are crossed.

34. Frog thoughts are muddled.

35. He looks like a little green frog

36. Her eyes are so green, they’re like frogeyes crossed.

37. I bet she’s got a sexy frog voice.

38. I think I hear him croaking outside my window.

39. Frogs croak. Get it? Croak!

40. I love frogs. Especially the ones who croak at night.

41. It takes a brave man to admit he’s afraid. Especially of something as silly as a frog.

42. A guy with half a brain would be too busy watching his back to care about a harmless little critter like a frog.

43. Frogs don’t croak all day long. They only croak at night. When the sun is out, they are silent. Like me.

44. Frog kisses good morning!

45. I’ll take a frog for an eggplant.

46. Frog food is undercooked meat.

47. I’m a frogeating machine.

48. I’m a frogeyed spender.

49. A frog in your throat means you’re shy.

50. Don’t be a shyy, speak up for your love.

51. She’s got a frog in her throat, she’s shy.

52. Frogs don’t change, they just hop from one misfit life to another.

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53. I met a frog once. He was so ugly, he looked like a frog.

54. Frog eyes are bigger than his brain.

55. I think we should get frogged out someday.

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56. Don’t make me eat frog, it might be you!

57. Frog brains are really small.

58. I want to meet a frog who can kiss my grits.

59. I’m a chameleon, but I don’t change when it comes to frogs.

60. You’re just jealous that I can eat frog legs and you can’t.

61. That frog just won the genetic lottery.

62. The frog is dead. Long live the frog!

63. We don’t want to catch any frogs.

64. I hear the rain is frogspawn.

65. It’s raining frogs down here.

66. She’s my little frog.

67. My sweet love is a frog.

68. I’m so mad I could kick a frog’s ass!

69. Don’t feed the frogs, they will multiply.

70. If you see a frog, just ignore him. He’s just trying to get your attention.

71. You can buy a box of “kissing frogs” for a dollar at the drug store.

72. It’s raining frogs down here!

73. Frogs love to hop.

74. Frogerific!

75. It’s frogeating time!

76. I want to be a frog in your skillet!

77. Let’s do some froging!

78. I’m so hopped up on caffeine, I can froggyate a horse!

79. We can froggyate this!

80. Froggy, you owe me!

81. Don’t cross the stream, it’s too far to froggywalk!

82. I’m so tired, I can froggysleep through the night!

83. He’s a froggywary dude.

84. Froggy, you are my favorite amphibian!

85. I’m gonna froggynasso that guy!

86. You’re as cute as a frog.

87. Frogs croak together; it’s a chorus line.

88. When two frogs are hopping along, one says to the other, “Let’s do a chorus line.” The other replies, “No, let’s do a duet.”

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89. That frog is really a man with a great sense of humor.

90. What do you call a frog with no legs? A stump.

91. How do you know when a frog is thirsty? He drinks.

92. If a frog falls into a pond full of water, how many frogs will be there? Two. One to fall in, and one to try to rescue him.

93. How do you know when a frog is sad? He croaks.

94. Are you a frog or a bird? I don’t care, just hop along with me.

95. A frog in water is silent but a frog on land is a loud snore.

96. Frogs love company.

97. A frog in a pot of water will stay there; but a frog in a pot of lukewarm water will hop away.

98. It’s not the pot that has the frog, it’s the heat.

99. This goes on until the fly drowns and the frog eats him.

100. Frogs don’t have a sense of humor.

101. Frogs sleep all day and party all night.

102. The only thing I hate more than a sloth is a sleepy frog.

103. Frogs don’t have manners.

104. I love you but you really need to chill out about the frogs.

105. Frogs can’t jump higher than their back legs.

106. There’s a frog in every pond.

107. Frogs love to eat flies.

108. When a frog is stung by a fly, it grabs the fly with its tongue and swallows it.

109. After a while, the fly crawls out of the frog’s mouth and the frog swallows him again.

110. The fly tries to escape again, but the frog keeps him in with its tongue and swallows him again.


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